Does Wyze Sprinkler Controller work with google assistant?

Can I tell Google Assistant to water a specific zone for a specific amount of time for instance?

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Currently the Sprinkler Controller does not integrate with Google Assistant

As we move in the spring, and I start using the sprinklers for the yard, it really would be a handy feature to be able to tell Google to water the front yard for five minutes.

Hello Wyze Support team, when will Google Ass’t be integrated with the Wyze Sprinkler controller? In the forum, there are so many people who bought this controller who are complaining that scheduling watering isn’t working, so a decent alternative would be to ask an Ass’t to start watering. My lawn looked terrible last year since the scheduler wasn’t working at all, so now I have to set up repeating events in my calendar as a reminder to manually start a “Quick run” watering session. This defeats the entire purpose of purchasing this “smart” controller which in theory, should make everyone’s life much easier. Now I have another thing that I need to think about. Please advise!

I understand that Sprinkler Controller (very unfortunately) does not currently integrate with Google Ass’t, but my question is WHEN will it be integrated? Since the scheduler isn’t working, looks like the majority of users who’ve purchased this device are left to manually start watering sessions, which defeats the entire purpose!

hello guys, it is becoming quite complicated nowadays to handle infinite apps for controlling infinite devices. I currently only use Google Home, and everything is integrated there. It is nonsense to not be able to integrate Wyze!

Could you please disclose your point of view or roadmap in this matter?

Thanks in advance,

The Sprinkler controller does not work with any smart assistants at this time. In Aug 2021, someone from Wyze said they put this on the development roadmap, but priorities shifted and this last January we were told that while this hasn’t been ruled out, it is not on the current roadmap. There are several reasons for this, but suffice it to say that Assistant compatibility has been pushed back for now, and will almost certainly not be reconsidered for the rest of this year. The topic might be revisited in 2024 after their “Year of the Camera” is fulfilled.

Thanks Carverofchoice. Surely Wyze has better things to do than worrying about users needs… :man_facepalming:t2:

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