Automation: Using a Wyze Cam to automate a sprinkler attacking intruders

Guy uses a Wyze cam to automate spraying people to keep them off his lawn:

For what it’s worth, he says there’s a little white lie in the video, no strangers were ever involved. Everyone it sprayed was a friend of his “testing” it out. There would be too much liability involved if his automation caused someone to run into the road and get hit by a car or something, so he didn’t actually leave it on for 2 days straight to spray random strangers. He just did it for fun.

Also, he installed custom firmware, probably the RTSP firmware, or Dafang, then ran it through the Raspberry Pi to do the person detection.

A person could do this same thing with Home Assistant API, then have a motion sensor or a Camera with a detection zone basically do the same thing.


haha, that’s gold!


I love that!

If you don’t need AI and just want it to respond to motion on your Wyze Cam, or view the camera feed and fire manually, check out this video. Raccoons or Critter Issues? Scare them away with easy DIY camera & app water blast deterrent system! - YouTube

Super easy to make, and if you already have the Wyze camera and switch, the parts are about $50 and can be made in less than 1/2 hour.


That’s a good one too, and actually less complicated for most people. Tempting to set up something like that around my swimming pool gate. If someone tries to go swimming without my permission first I’ll make it blast them with high-pressure cold water before they can get to the heated pool. :rofl: No serious harm done, but they’ll get a cold hard blast and I’ll get an alert someone entered the pool area. Then if I want to use the pool, I’ll just turn off the rule before going in (maybe with a shortcut on the home screen, or some other way).

Hmm…sweet fun ideas.

I don’t know if I could resist blasting my wife, and I don’t think she’d appreciate the humor of it! “With great power comes great responsibility”

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Oh WOW, this is a great idea. I hope Mark Rober never sees this. He would launch people to the moon with a cam trigger.

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