Google Home (e.g., Nest Mini) ring with Wyze Video Doorbell

I can’t hear the doorbell chime in all parts of my house. I have a Google Nest Mini (Google Assistant) in every room. I wish I could set the Wyze Video Doorbell to chime all or a subset of my Google devices. I thought this was originally announced as a feature back when I bought it in Beta…but still waiting and no sign of it on the roadmap. We need this…especially since Wyze does not sell additional chime units (yet).

Yup I’ve been waiting so long for this feature as it was literally said by wyze themselves it would be ready, PLEASE wyze start fixing the google integration for all your products but start with the doorbell, as it was literally advertised…


I thought this would be included by now? I’d really like to have my doorbell announce/chime Google Home Minis when someone is pressing the button/at the door.

Otherwise, people without a linked phones and working Wyze apps wouldn’t know someone is ringing the bell at all :frowning:

visitor announcement on google home speakers

Hay Wyze.
really eyeing the doorbell. but cant get myself to order until visitor announcement on google home speakers is avaible. i have multiple doorbells, and would love if using the doorbell and google home it would tell me the door was rung and also which doorbell was rung. ( familiar faces would be also awesome to integrate with this but lets not get ahead of ourselves or too greedy, but like seeing the doorbell on the google devices after it was rung and being able to use 2 way talk on the google devices would be also awesome.

visitor announcements per googles website;
“Google Nest or Home speakers and displays can announce when someone rings your Google Nest doorbell, or other compatible doorbell. With a smart display, Chromecast or Android TV, you may also be able to see who’s there.”

so if wyze would be added to that lost it would be a gamechanger.

So lets add this topic to the Wishlist! and hopefully this will be added.

thou curious if this could work under the future matter standard.

best, Thomas ( wyze addict)

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Does anyone know if this feature will ever happen? From what i have read we can’t add additional chimes to Doorbell Pro and can’t have it ring through speakers. Yet the chime isn’t loud enough.

Any updates from someone at Wyze?

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Wyze Doorbell Pro Chime through Google Home Speakers

Please add feature that allows Google Home Speakers to serve as chimes for Video Doorbell Pro. A single chime in a 5,000 sqft home. Using speakers that are already in our homes makes complete sense. This feature is already available for Alexa devices. Please get this done!

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I have the Wyze Doorbell Pro and it is integrated into Alexa. We have both sets of speakers here. Any camera, or doorbell, can be set to announce when a person is detected and you may choose which Alexa device will announce. We used that with Ring previously.

Errr… Still waiting on Google assistant integration on the wired wyze doorbell. Have several Google hubs that I assumed would display the video from the doorbell instantly when I purchased the doorbell over a year ago. Even indicated on the box is Google home ready. Please get this fixed. Love the wyze products but this is a problem.

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