Wyze Cam OG - Other Lenses

Wyze has told us that if we showed them that we like the OG-Telephoto 3x lens, that they could expand it to include other lenses as well:

if you guys like this stack camera system we can expand this one to 5x, 7x, super wide angle, macro lens, maybe thermal, who knows

If you are interested in the Wyze Cam OG line getting more lens options, vote on this wishlist and include your biggest preferences in the poll below. Also feel free to comment your thoughts and rationales of how the other lens types would be beneficial to you and others, how you would use them, or any other helpful considerations.

Which new lens(es) would you be most interested in?
  • 5x lens (per the video, they tested this already)
  • 7x lens (per the video, they tested this already)
  • 10x lens (not mentioned in the video)
  • Wide-Angle lens [non-Fish-eye] (see a lot more on all sides)
  • Super/Ultra wide-angle lens [Fish-eye] (see close to 180 degrees)
  • Macro Lens (focus extremely close to a subject like a bird feeder/nest)
  • Thermal Lens (see invisible heat radiation, see what your eyes can’t)
  • Other Not Mentioned - (Comment in Thread)
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  1. fixed ultrawide below, 5 x zoom pan above. allows pan to track while ultrawide views whole area.
  2. high res ultrawide, allow for multiple concurrent views corrected to flat picture
  3. allow event tracking like on v3 pro

Voters – don’t forget to vote for the main subject. :wink:

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I don’t know how hard it would be to add a thermal lens, or how much it would cost, but I think it would be SOOO cool to have one, especially linked with the Picture in Picture to regular OG camera. I could see the regular view and then the PiP view of the heat of the same view. It would be cool for trail cams to see animals at night. It would be cool to see your house and look at where Heat is leaking into the house in Summer, or Leaking out of the house in the Winter, so you know where to fix things up. It will be able to detect motion based on visual heating changes --PIR works similarly, but you can trick PIR because it expects you to move perpendicular so that it can see a change horizontally, and so if you are moving vertically, sometimes it doesn’t work right-- but with Thermal, we could put cameras somewhere to avoid having events caused by motion from things that don’t give off heat. Maybe Watch your garden and be notified if an animal goes in there, even though they’re not totally visible by regular light.

It could be used as a fire detector…maybe that would count as a fire detector that we could also add to the HMS monitoring for a bigger discount off our Home insurance. I’d definitely put these in my kitchens. It might be able to tell when there is overheating electrical equipment. IDK.

Just thinking out loud, but it would be kind of cool to be able to see both a normal view on an OG with a Picture in Picture of a Thermal Image of the same area at the same time. I don’t know how much that would cost, I saw some other examples of security cameras that include thermal and many are outrageously priced in the thousands of dollars, though there are some that in the hundreds of dollars. It seems like Wyze should be able to disrupt this Thermal lens security camera market. Apparently thermal lenses are a big deal with higher-end security cams, so I say go for it, even if it has to be in the “premium” camera category instead of entry-level. It would make a cool addition to the Wyze line IMO.

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Hail Hydra - Cirque du Wyze

Everyone make sure to lock in your Wyze Cam Unlimited subscriptions before this beast is unleashed with its 6 split usb adapter, each camera having a different feature but all necessary for monitoring that one problem area on your property!

Camera 1 - Sound
Camera 2 - Spot Light
Camera 3 - Regular View
Camera 4 - 3x Zoom
Camera 5 - 10x zoom
Camera 6 - Giant wifi module with capacitor needed to power all 6 camera bodies

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A variable optical zoom telephoto lens (3x-7x) would be great. The only reason I don’t want to get the telephoto yet is because I’m not sure how much zoom I need. Once it’s setup I don’t need to change it, but I would like the flexibility to adjust the zoom level. If cost is a concern, it can even be just a “slave” to the OG, being in sync with the OG for detection/notification etc.

Hydra Indeed!
Multi-lens cameras for home security does seem cutting edge… just not sure if “friends of Wyze” would have a big enough interest. :nerd_face:

But there were others who tried multi-lens so ya never know…
Light started with their technology in the L16 and then worked with Nokia for the Nokia 9 PureView later to be Light was acquired by John Deere :tractor:
And we have not seen Wyze break into the Dome Camera arena yet to compete with those huge prices.

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I feel like all the pieces are in place for the camera I really want: a single camera with 2 lenses (regular and telephoto) and 2k (or better yet 4k) resolution (2 sd slots). If that camera is made in standard and outdoor pan, I’d gladly replace all my cameras with that.

Side suggestion, utilize the newer on board ai motion to compare motion events between the two lenses to reduce false positives.

I need a lens that can bend around a corner, attached to the main box via a wire or a bendy arm as the regular units are actually to big for the use I need it for.

So, now that we have seen the cool new wide-angle lens on the new Floodlight Pro, who else is interested in voting to have Wyze add this same Super/Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (180 degree FOV) into an OG cam? :heart_eyes:

I’d love to have this awesome lens in a more portable camera. I’m impressed at how Wyze made it so that everything looks normal, instead of bubbled like most wide-angle or fish-eye lenses look.