Wyze Cam OG - Released 1/17/2023

I agree. They keep chasing away their longtime loyal customers by price gouging us all the time.

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Does the share button work (to left of download icon)


I just tested both my OG cams w\ the download and share button functions across 10 different Event Videos for another thread earlier today. All were working as designed on the latest Android Production app \ Android 11.

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before launching new products, it might be better to fix and update the problems that are presented in the products already sold.

fix the doorbell pro that doesn’t work well, the microphone and the speaker. they lose a lot in quality compared to the ring brand.

update the robot vacuum that doesn’t update and has problems dodging objects on the ground, as well as unconfiguring the map by itself. sold and still sell units that do not update.

I thought I heard in the video there would eventually be a 7X zoom OG as well. Is this true? Any timeline yet?

Sort of. It was less of a promise to do so than it was “If you like this stuff, then we COULD expand it” (rather than “we WILL expand it”):

if you guys like this stack camera system we can expand this one to 5x, 7x, super wide angle, macro lens, maybe thermal, who knows

So all those options are POSSIBLE things they could add in the future, but it doesn’t mean they will definitely do that. I am sure a lot of it depends on how successful the 3X is and what other options people vote on in the wishlist or talk about the most. They are more likely to do whichever gets the most overall interest.

I would love ALL of those options he listed!

The super wide-angle lens sounds awesome! Especially if it is 2K. You could have a single camera cover an entire side of your house or a whole room in every direction (floor to ceiling and wall to wall) all by itself with no missing viewing area! That sounds awesome! You could put just one of those on each side of your house and see your entire property 360 degrees.

I am thinking of how cool it would be to have a Thermal lens! We could put that in different rooms of our house to see where the heating issues are (where we have heat leaking out of the house in the winter, or where heat is leaking into the house in summer)! It could make for a really cool way of detecting motion with pixel changes based on heat. I would even consider stacking a regular cam with a thermal cam in some places, and with the new OG linking to switch between views, it would be perfect to switch between the 2 types of camera views. This would be really cool for people in rural areas who like to be alerted to wildlife or their farm animals or even be able to tell things from farther away in the dark. It could be SOOO awesome! I would buy a thermal lens Wyze cam for sure!

7x lens definitely sounds cool for seeing things far away in good quality. I’d like one of those.

A macro lens would be really cool for people who use them for things like bird feeders, bird nests, things like that to get good focus up close.

Anyway, I hope for ALL of those to become possibilities! We need wishlist items for all of them if they don’t exist already, just to make sure Wyze knows which ones people want the most. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Feel free to go vote on which lenses you’re most interested in here:

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WYZE is going to be losing customers by limiting devices that are compatible with Cam Plus Lite. I hear what some are saying about using Playback to see Events when using a SD card. I still like the 12-second videos I get with V2 and V3, sorry. I’m also disappointed when viewing a thumbnail it won’t got to full screen when rotating my phone. To get full screen when rotating I have to go to Home and select the Device and then select the Event. Seems a little clunky. I would not have purchased a 2-pk of the OG had I known these things.

So, This is what my Wyze OG Telephoto is showing… everything is Blue, my Other cams do not do this, Just to be sure I turned off night vision, Turned off IR lights etc… anyone else have this issue? I posted one of my other cameras for contrast.

Looks like defective camera. Return under warranty. Contact customer service.

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I agree with @tahermi, that looks to have an issue with it. I would contact support and get it replaced. Sorry that that has happened.



The interesting part is I contacted support, and went through troubleshooting, and on the 9th power cycle, the blue is gone, ill keep an eye on it, maybe just a glitch in the matrix?

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That is interesting, if it comes back please let me know. I am curious now what the cause was.

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Looks like the camera is adjusting it’s exposure and white balance for the frame. I had this a bit earlier on a OGT that was hastly aimed at the driveway. As the shadows covered the driveway with the snow, the camera adjusted the white balance and made it look blue. It’s trying to expose everything correctly with the shown hues in frame. See the sunny area is exposed and balances correctly, but fill shadows still show alot of blue.


if it was THAT kind of blue, I would say yes, but mine had everything blue for hours, and after the 9th power cycle no more blue.

compared to

Your images still have some “regular” colors in them unlike my original.

My OG Tele gives a blue image around sunrise but it goes away. It also works better when there is more light. Not sure the f stop number of lens.


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Yeah I think I need to have this camera replaced, today the camera turned pink, I power cycled it 4 times, now its blue again. Not as bad as the first time it went blue, but this is not normal. I have 9 other Wyze cams from V1 to V3 and OG Standard and Teke and this cam is the only one that gives me trouble ( the OG tele)

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Agree. Needs to be replaced.


The pink is defiantly the IR filter getting stuck and if it stayed stuck through 4 power cycles id say something is wrong with that filter. I am still convinced the blue is a result of the heavy image processing and exposure/white balance control trying to expose the view correctly. Let us know what Support has to say!


Yeah they are processing a replacement as we speak, I always want to try to resolve before going this route. P.S. They did also mention that… in regards to the IR/ Night vision stuff.


I had bluish, normal and green-ish tinting all show up in the same events timeline last night within 30 minutes of each other. :slight_smile:

I assumed it just had to do with lighting changes as the sun was setting and the camera was adjusting to the varying amount of light it could take in. The purple/pink getting stuck issue is definitely a bad IR filter that needs a replacement, so I am glad they are taking care of you.