Telephoto lens kit

Some spots that I watch, like the far end of the driveway, would really benefit if there were a lens attachment to boost magnification. I know you can digital zoom, but it would be better to have 5x or 6x optical zoom before using digital zoom. This would allow better identification at the far end and more selective triggering for recording. Cell phones have lens kits to boost their telephoto ability. How about WyzeCams?

I’m a total noob on optics so I don’t know how best this could be implemented. I too often would like a better zoom feature when running the cams.

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Are there any plans to add a more sophisticated optical zoom so we can not lose video quality as we attempt to see distant targets? Thanks in advance!

I’d be in favor of a simple telephoto lens, possibly in several optional magnifications. I’d just like maybe a 2x, but I could see some folks needing up to maybe a 5x at most. It would be nice for looking through windows or at bird feeders.

Even something as simple as a high-quality plastic lens that could attach to the front of the housing could work. This could then be a relatively low cost item to where a kit could come with a variety of lenses; one wide angle, two or three telephotos.

UV transparency without causing glare from the LEDs might be an issue. Not insurmountable if the lens only covered the active portion of the sensor.

And I’m not quite sure how you would make one for the pan cam to allow for vertical angle changes if it was externally fixed.


something that could just clip onto the camera housing would be cool


Lens kit we we can have other options than wide Angle. Especially panning, when wide angle lens has no real purpose. It would be very cool to have a little lens kit containing say a 55M lens for a landscape/vista recordings.

Hit Amazon and YouTube for parts and instructions. Lots of options available to swap out the lens.

It would be great if we can add zoom lenses to the wyze cams. maybe the best way is to design an adaptor for offtheshelf lenses.

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I could use a macro lens. I watch my birds feeding but they are too close to the cam to get details.

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If Wyze even allowed a non factory semi connected Wyze modification operation to perfect and resell 1-telephoto Wyze, with a modified sized QR code to allow it to auto install, connect and 2 -extended distance External directional antenna

Just read this in the latest Wyze Newsletter. Sounds hopeful :crossed_fingers:


On order!
I needed to repair a failed V3’s rusted connector (using ) so I might as well open it up and try this lens.

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Wyze should be including the telephoto feature on its outdoor cams. Maybe they have plans to offer this feature in v3? There’s clearly a market for it seeing that people are trying to DIY upgrade the standard lenses to telephoto. How do we get a request to in to Wyze to add telephoto to future versions? Do they read these forums?

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Just to clarify, when you say their β€œoutdoor cams,” do you mean the Wyze cam outdoor devices, or just any camera that is rated for outdoors?

I ask because Wyze already currently offers a wired camera with a 3X Telephoto lens that is outdoor rated. But if you mean the WCO that is battery operated, there is a reason they don’t add a Telephoto lens to those cameras as it would be VERY ineffective since those are only triggered by a PIR sensor when someone or something is really close to it. Anything that could seen clearly in the telephoto lens on a WCO would be too far away to trigger the PIR sensor. For that reason, I don’t think it will every happen on the Outdoor cams (at least not the current battery-operated cams that use something like PIR to start an event).

But again, you are interested in a Telephoto lens on a wired camera, they already sell that it and it can already be purchased here:

They’ve also asked if we’re interested in them doing a 5x or 7x lens, or a macro lens and several other options.

I am sure that the thing the Newsletter is talking about is also going to be for Wired cameras, not the Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras. It would be really cool if they made something that could simply be added or swapped out like an accessory instead of being stuck with a single lens type. We’ll have to keep an eye out for whatever they are working on related to this.

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Wyze does review the wishlist. The best way to support this request is to post and vote at the top.

I see your point about the WCO cam having PIR sensor to trigger events and why it’s impractical to have a zoom if the primary feature is to record events at relatively close range. But what if Wyze created a wireless model of the Wyze Cam OG telephoto with a super zoom capability say up to 10x or higher? I ask because I’m currently using the WCO as a β€œsurf cam” but the waves are really pixelated when zooming in. I’ve already ruined a wired pan cam v2 cam due to salt air corrosion, and the resolution quality was actually decent on that cam, which got me thinking about a wireless telephoto cam. It would not need to run continuously, so the battery life should be fine if the camera is turned off after viewing it. It could connect to the base station just like the WCO, and it would not need the PIR sensor because it’s only being used for long range viewing (say 500 meters for example). Not sure how a telephoto lens this size would affect the shape or size of the device, but it certainly would be cool to have high res for distance.

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A bird house or close focus camera or clip on adapter has many uses, including birdhouses, fishtanks, 3d printer monitoring, small machine monitoring. We’ve seen many how-to-void-your-warrantee while breaking your camera
videos to modify focus, but getting something from Wyze or a clip on methord from Wyze is better than breaking cameras in hours of frustration modifying them. Think this is a much larger market than Wyze thinks, as there has not been a cost effective way to do this in the past – especially fitting in an existing multiple camera ecosystem. I’d be adding half a dozen to a dozen such cameras to my system, if they were available.


Just want to follow up on my comments about using the telephoto version as a surf cam. I just replaced the Wyze Cam Outdoor with the OG Telephoto and… wow! it’s major improvement; quality of video and streaming speed are superior to the WCO. Maybe this has something to do with how close the modem is located to the new device, the signal strength, etc, But I must say the OG Telephoto is great! It would be nice to have a pan/tilt feature incorporated with the telephoto cam, but I’ll be stacking an additional telephoto cam on top to get a second angle of the surf break.

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The OG Cams’ firmware were built on a different OS than the previous cams and seem to perform as well or better than it’s V3 counterpart because of that.

Check out how @nick28011964 accomplished this for stargazing by combining a OG Telephoto with a PanV3: