Wyze Cam PRO? (Multi-Camera/Multi-Lens System)

After seeing the new Wyze Cam V3 release I started to wonder how Wyze could further improve on their design for the next iteration of the smart cam (Wyze Cam V4, Wyze Cam PRO, Wyze Cam Pan V2, ect).

One of the biggest things I’ve wanted to see in a affordable smart camera is some form of optical zoom. Wyze seems to have a trend of sticking to 1080p streams which is great considering it doesn’t wear down your wifi network with all of the bandwidth a 4K (or simmilar) stream would require. Unfortunately there are many times where I would like to really zoom in and grab detail from a clip. This problem has been solved on professional PTZ security cameras for years with optical lenses that zoom in and out. This would be quite expensive to implement on a sub $100 consumer camera, so why not just do what Apple does with their iPhones and implement multiple cameras with different focal lengths for the purpose of zooming in optically without loosing quality. I made a quick rendering to show what I mean.

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Those are some ugly cameras!

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Haha I’m going to assume you’re not a fan of any modern smart phones then. I’m not a product designer either. Just wanted to get my point across that’s all. Wyze could definitely get a cleaner look than what I came up with.

Also I feel like most people don’t care as much about the physical look of the camera as much as they do the features. But hey your entitled to your own opinion.

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Didn’t mean to be critical:)

No it’s fine I just wanted to make sure people know that those renderings are only to get my point across. I’m sure there are many ways Wyze could implement this and still make the cameras aesthetically pleasing.

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I disagree. Those renderings look quite good and a HELL of a lot better than the backs of current iPhones, which are just hideous. I’d even say these look better than the real cameras, since they pack more utility into the same space.


I would like to see the Wyze Cam v3 (or Outdoor Cam) fitted with a zoom or telephoto lens to enable effective capture of vehicle license plates from a distance. To help with this video capture, increasing the FPS and enabling uncompressed data capture on the SD card would be beneficial. Oh, standard color of this camera should be black so it’s less visible.


a suggestion for next pan cam v3 - put in 3 cameras (wide, normal & telephoto) like on smartphones & tablets. low cost with less moving parts, also move the microphone away from the rotary motor!


I would also suggest that along with the 2 or 3 camera lenses that the Pan Cam or Cam includes a separate sd card slot for each camera. This would simplify the R/W and data specific to each of the fixed lense lenses in the camera.

@Brandongallego12 excellent.
I just saw this after my post. Great rendering and exactly what is required. :grinning: As I mention in my post below, I would suggest a separate SDcard for each camera. The Pan Cam is already noisy when it rotates and we do not need more noise with moving telephoto lense.
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What a wonderful world it would be!

Who hasn’t wanted to see more detail further away with their cameras?

And seriously, license plate reading is a very real and valid real world use of security cameras.

I would be delighted if the only improvement was that the lenses were easier to swap out than the current V3 process, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkqX9yg0odU ) and if there was a way to change SSID/PSK beside scanning a QR code…