Wyze App Service Outage - 8/22/19

I discovered that although I could view the LIVE FEED it was no longer allowing me to view playback. It is totally BLACK.

I went ahead and redid the whole thing back to “trying to connect” and the QR code. It is staying on for about a second at a time before it is trying to reconnect again. On my phone it keeps asking me to connect the device to a different network. I don’t have a different one.

HELP, I am feeling very frustrated.

If you are having trouble with maintaining a connection, try restarting your router. What mfg/model router are you using? How far is your camera from the router? Any metal in between?

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Everything is finally back up for me. After the server issues were resolved, all bulbs and cameras work fine. The bridge was a different story. I had to re-setup everything bridge related and it took hours. I also noticed that if I tried to set up bridge connected devices too fast, they wouldn’t connect. I had to wait a good 10-15 minutes between setting up sensors. When I first set up bridge stuff it was more or less instant. Weird. Regardless, I am glad everything is resolved for me at least. Thanks Wyze!

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The main issue now is that when I go to playback it is black. Did I set something wrong during my reset so it is not longer recording? Yesterday there, on the playback scroll, some areas of blue(recording) with several spots where it was not recording. It appears that it is no longer recording and I am having problems “reconnecting” for that piece.

I am able to live stream.

My sensor bridge keeps going offline with the bridge status light blinking blue and orange. I’ve unplugged and plugged it in and it worked for about a day, now it’s offline again. I notice both the camera and bridge are pretty warm since I set the camera to start recording to the SD card continuously. The camera also sits in sunlight (inside a window) for a good chunk of the day so I don’t know if this is related to the outage or the continuous recording generating excess heat.

Mine is also in the direct sunlight in the afternoon. I am not sure what the sensor bridge is.

The sensor bridge is the thing you plug into the back of a camera for the Wyze sense to work.

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The bridge comes with the sense kit.

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So, it is constantly detecting motion…the wind blowing the leaves. It seems to only detect ME when I do in and out of the house and not all of my friends. Is this piece not part of my initial $25 camera?

More importantly, why has it stopped recording on the disk?

No, the bridge doesn’t come with the camera. It is only used to connect the sensors. The camera works without the bridge.

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Was the camera working properly before we had the outage?

Let me be more clear. The recording was working before. It was already mostly detecting me as a PERSON, but not others. It has always counted leaves blowing as motion.

Sorry to hear about the Wyze Sense issues from over the weekend, folks! Are your Wyze Sense devices working properly now?

@di.sped.head, I would recommend getting in contact with our customer support team by using this form:

Support Request Form

All good for me again, except person detection seems to have stopped working. Doesn’t bother me too much but thought you might want to know.

If that’s still a problem, I would recommend contacting our support team. Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Support Request Form

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As of 8/28/2019 the server seems to be down again. No events showing up and getting a failed message when I try to retrieve them

Yeah, same here. Has any one heard anything from Wyze?

Wyze is on PST so the office staff is just arriving. I am sure technical staff is already on it.

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Team is looking into it, getting in touch with AWS. Sorry for the trouble! We will share more details later.


I uninstalled/reinstalled the Wyze app and my “Event” videos are working properly now. Give it a shot and see if this is a solution for you. :slightly_smiling_face: