Login and Event Video Service Outage - 8/28/19

8/28/19 8:22 AM PT - We found that our recently released app version 2.5 had issues communicating to our servers. This caused difficulty with login, connection errors, and event videos not displaying in the Event tab. This started around 6:21 AM PT and we applied a fix around 8:00 AM PT. We are working with AWS on this issue and we are monitoring it closely. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


New user owner here of 8 cameras plus 3 sensors deployed so far. I see after last night’s turmoil that most all of these functions are so server dependent. Nothing much local has been at issue the one week I’ve had these new devices. I see how much effort is going into pushing out fixes and updates. In my it experience it shouldn’t be but frequently is a double edged sword. I hope your team is successful in calming the waters.

Thank you, @talltree5. Welcome to the Wyze community and I apologize for your introduction. I’ll give your feedback to the team.

Thank you Gwendolyn. It’s a learning curve for me. Since my last post I do see how performance and response from devices is very dynamic and one minute to the next possibly based on server load and or my own service provider throughput here is quite different from excellent to hey what happened but I know you guys are probably all hands on deck right now. I guess it’s best to not jump to conclusions but to give 24 hours before pushing any Panic buttons. Later.

Hi, also new user here. Five cameras here. And on all them the same problem. After last update app start crashing (Android), and on tablet version “hardware acceleration” setting disappeared. So now app has huge delay on tablets. Webcam is critical for my work. And now tablet version is just useless :confused:


I understand that sometimes there can be outages during unforseen events. But unfortunately in my attempts to get in, you locked my account and I had to change my password. Wasn’t something that I wanted to do.

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@WyzeGwendolyn your statement of acknowledging the issue leads me to believe the disconnect issue is fixed. But it’s not, I’ve unplugged, reset, tried to delete my Pan camera and it still doesn’t work, still getting “Error 90”. Help please. Karen

I have disabled the automatic app updates for WYZE on my Android phone.

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Is it possible to uninstall last update on Android?

I think you can on Android but don’t think so for iOS.
I found the APK download. App V 2.4.82 for Android

V 2.4.82 Wyze app


OMG you’re life saver! Now everything back to normal, and hardware acceleration is working again. Thanks mate! I owe you a beer!
Also, it’s a good moment to block new updates for this app…


You’re welcome. That’s awesome. Happy to hear that it worked for you. :grinning:

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Pan camera on newest iOS still shows as offline in the group but touching the individual camera label sends you to a working Pan camera. It was like that earlier, then fixed, now borked again.

My Pan camera is up but shows in the group as “down”, still, as well.

We’re sorry to hear that. Have you sent in a log for the team?

@kapeterson9, are you still having trouble with your Wyze Cam Pan? If so, please contact our support team.

Support Request Form

Originally I just purchased one pan cam and one regular cam. Both worked fine and I struggled thru a bit becoming familiar with the terms, methods and sequences (i am older and a bit tech challenged). I now understand how they work, updating the firmware and set up. I an looking forward to learning short cuts and other features.
In the first group of cameras the original cam would not connect to the network when I added a microsd and plugged into another location. I got confused between this forum and and my problem. I had great success with customer support and will be getting a replacement cam since we pinpointed it was not part of the firmware up date or my network connection. Thanks

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Gwendolyn, why was hardware encoding removed from the latest app?

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Hey, I am unable to contribute more, all my knowledge was extended just to send a post. I am however interested that this company moves thru its business plan because these young engineers seem pretty smart and I think they will be able to face some challenges ahead. When i get a replacement cam, I will try to remove the dead link from my app after I initialize the new one. It seems some of these things are not intuitive to my thinking yet.