Wyze Cam Pan refuses to record

Have my new pan set up. It’s tracking motion it’s pan scanning between two points all seems good. But for r some reason it’s not recording. Everytime I go into settings to flip the switch to record it goes back and claims there is a network error. All other switches in the app work


Turn off panning and I bet it works.

Wait… why? Panning has to be off for it to record based on motion? that seems to defeat the purpose of having a panning camera. :confused:

No panning can be on, mine pans and detects motion, maybe an issue with the problems from this morning

Ok I’ll bite there were problems this morning? Was there an announcement or something I missed?

There were, I am not sure they are related but here is the thread on that

Ok I am not sure that is the issue here, this has been happening since I set up the cam last Friday.

FYI turning off pan scan and motion tracking, did get it to start sending alerts and recordings…

But now it’s a v2, unless I live view it.

That is what I was seeing also which is why I said what I said.
Confirmed that you are seeing the same behavior.