Wyze Cam has stopped recording/detecting motion

I have a wyze Cam Pan. Up until yesterday it worked “ok” it would detect and record motion to the cloud and send me notifications, so many notifications. Then I noticed the notifications stopped. Our dog walker came over and the cam didn’t notify me or record anything. I have walked in front of it still nothing. I can still see live feed but not recordings are being captured.
I haven’t changed any settings.

Do I need to reset the cam?

Welcome to the forums! First troubleshooting thing I would try is a restart. I have rules that restart my cams everyday. That might work for you also


Tried the “reset” still no recording motion. I will try unplugging the camera when I get home.
Next step will be a delete and reinstall of the cameras and the app.

The issue was fixed.
I deleted the cam from the app.
Then I deleted the app and did a reinstall.
Then I installed the cam and it worked fine…for now.

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