Wyze cam plus service not recording motion

Hi last time my pan cam recorded any motion today was after 6 am this morning. It however recorded sounds but they disappeared. What’s going on with the service again? Anyone else having this issue?

I have no events since 12/31/2020.

I, too, am not getting recordings and notifications of what I am interested in – people approaching my door or moving in my (currently vacant) house. All I get each day are several nighttime recordings when a car’s headlights sweep past my front window. I don’t know how to change this.
Assuming that it exists somewhere, I have poked around the Wyze website, looking for a clear set of setup and operating instructions to use CamPlus with my existing C2 but have not found any.
Can someone help me educate myself so that I can be an informed user?

I rebooted my camera and it seems to be working again. Not great. Remember to reboot your camera before you leave the house :expressionless: