What's the difference between using Wyze Cam Pan without any of the avaible services and with?

What’s the difference between using Wyze Cam Pan (without) any Wyze service assigned to it, (with) Cam Plus Lite, and with Cam Plus?

Cam plus lite is a pay what you want (as low as $0) a month. It gives you person detection and 12 second event video recordings, with a 5 minute cooldown. Without it you just get a picture when motion is detected.

Cam plus gives you package, pet, and other ai detections, unlimited length video recording and no cooldown.

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Thank you for your response.

The reason why I asked, even though I assigned my WCP to Cam Plus 3 days ago, my events are being recorded with motion indeed, but they’re all 11 seconds, with a gap (cooldown time) anywhere between 4-7 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? I noticed there are no settings for that, unlike WCO, etc.

The camera will record until the motion stops, is it cutting off the motion? Does it say “PLUS” on the settings of the cam?

Yes, it has been assigned to Cam Plus subscription, also the Cam Plus logo is showing everwhere it’s suppose to show. All the motion events are 11 or less seconds, with plenty of cooldown minutes in between.

Stand in front of the camera. Wave both arms. Do this for at least 30 seconds. See if your camera stops recording at 11 seconds. Let us know.

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Yes, it stopped at 11 seconds exactly. I’ve had like 5-6 events that stopped at 12 seconds. Most are 12 sec.

BTW, just like the WCO, no push notifications. It did notify a few times earlier, now it stopped. The WCO never did after I subscribed to Cam Plus for a year - that was just 3 days ago.

On your Wyze app, go to Accounts (bottom right) and then Services. Just double check that THAT camera has Cam Plus associated with it. Let us know.

Yes, I just checked again, it has been assigned to the WCP. Actual now it suddenly stop sending notification as well as it stopped recording events, yet the camera is moving, following all movements. That is crazy!!!

Part of your original question may well deal with it being the WCO. Because it is battery operated, it is substantially crippled - why I refuse to buy one. I do not know specifically how a WCO with Cam Plus works since I don’t have one.

What I cannot understand, the same WCO worked perfectly until I subscribed and assigned it to Cam Plus.