Upgraded to Cam Plus yesterday and now nothing will record!

So I got an email that I was automatically upgraded to Cam Plus yesterday and low and behold, events won’t record now!! I restarted the Wyze Cam Pan (unplug, etc.), I updated the firmware as instructed by the “upgrade email” , and still nothing. NO recordings!
Any suggestions? I’m sorry for those of you that love this camera, but it’s been absolutely TERRIBLE since I got it.

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Have you tried power cycling the camera?
Also try a factory reset.

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yes, did both- and that power cycling is what I meant when I said “I restarted the Wyze Cam Pan (unplug, etc.),” I am at a total loss on this.

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Have you tried canceling the Cam Plus and testing it without it? This would help to see if it’s really the issue.

Ok let me try that then!

The answer is that your upgrade SHOULD HAVE BEEN TESTED. I have 21 of them at my house. Half are the pan tilt and have are the basic ones. I had to log into each camera individually. On about 40% of them- the option to record was turned off. So your sweet non tested software upgrade actually turned off the reocrd feature-which is why people have these cameras to begin with.
I love your cameras but guys- get better please. So far this year I had to literally reinstall them twice because your server got hacked (2 factor authentication) so my stuff was wiped. And then this. Come on Wyze- your better then this.

So check your cameras indvidually. Make sure the record option and your settings are what you want. Then wipe SD card and reboot. That worked for me. Took me 30 minutes of my life tonight


Ok so that didn’t work either . But thanks for trying!

I checked and my record options weren’t turned off. Everything looks to be what it should be. Such an irritating waste of time

Then I’d just contact Wyze.
Call: +1-844-999-3226 (you can get a faster response with the phone support.)

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THANK YOU so much!

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That just about sums it up!
:+1: :+1:

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I have the Cam Plus and Person Detection is still borked. Why couldn’t these services be left as stand alone instead of bundled together? I mean come on, a lamp turning on triggers Person detection. Yes I used it inside and I was not in the room. The only two people who live here (Me and Mom) were upstairs and if someone else broke in we would have heard. Please consider going back to stand alone on both services.

But just like with CMC there are constant No fragment errors. The time period that I did not have the CMC after update those went away. CS stated it’s a known issue for months so I’m not sure why this couldn’t have been resolved. Eventually I can get that clip with the no fragment error to load but it takes several tries. I don’t get that error on the cams that are standard 12 second clips.

Tried that - still not working. but thanks for the advice- worth a try!

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I agree. It’s so frustrating. I have a Blink XT2 too and it never ever has these glitches and problems.


Cam Plus is not working for me either. I’ve had it since the beginning and it’s been spotty at best.
I cancelled my subscription and got it back but
I’ve been loosing signal on my other devices too.

I’m looking into getting a different camera system, sensor and bulbs. What’s the sense in paying for something that doesn’t work. With the money I spent on on products not working I could have just saved a bought a product that works.

Still researching other products and I’m open to suggestions.

Well I heard that the errors were fixed and since I need this service I subbed again and no sooner did I sub to Cam Plus the the stupid fragment error or fail to upload errors start again. I am really beyond frustrated with this service. It seems like the errors will never get resolved. And I’m updated on cams as well as app versions and am not doing beta or alpha testing. And no response from CS on the issue.

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I have 5 (3 with CamPlus) cameras and at any given time only 2/3 record and it’s never the came ones. I like the pan cameras and have not found a replacement yet. :confused:
I’m very hesitant to buy any additional Wyze products because of the inconsistencies.
I have the watch (I don’t wear it much because the watch faces are a little to cartoony for me), the scale (doesn’t always connect), the light bulbs ( they work), the 1st sensors (the stop working when the battery gets low and there aren’t any replacement parts), the 1st motion detector (I don’t know if it works since the sensors don’t work), the outdoor plug, the headphones, the outdoor camera and the plugs. That’s it I think.
I won’t spend any more time or money on this ecosystem since I have to replace what I have now.
It’s frustrating to say the least :unamused:.