Cam plus and cam pan v3

Why alway stop cloud recording on my Cam pan v3 with cam plus ? Somebody can help me out?

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What do you mean cloud recording is stopping? Is it not recording at all? Or are events showing up, but you are getting an error when you try to view them?

Have you contacted support?

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Question for clarification please.

Do you mean that you want to stop the Cloud Recording uploads while you are away?

Or, the cloud recording uploads stopped on your cam while you were away?

Thank you reply me, the cam plus no cloud recording for me any time.

No recording at all, when I power restart it. And it will record few days. Last time I power restart it only one day recording .

The support let me update firmware and app then power restart. Still same . I signed up cam plus 3months already, only first month can recording for and I have to update firmware and app right away otherwise it will stop recording. But now even I updated everything, it wouldn’t work

@Nol, there is currently a known issue that Wyze is working to fix regarding the PanV3 stopping recording and needing rebooted. Check the Wyze Software and Firmware Bugs and Known Issues page for details and updates:

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