Wyze cam stops recording to cloud at night

My wyze v3 pro cameras stop recording to the cloud at night but seem to pick back up during the day… Both are on firmware version 4.5812.9751 and both don’t have any schedules set up… They seem to work fine during the day… I reset the cloud service and sometimes it works again for a few minute but stops again… Also unplugging and plugging back in helps sometimes also for a few minutes… I know this was an issue in the past. I searched the forums but never found a definate cause or fix for this issue… Both are on cam plus … I have signed out of the app, cleared cache, un-installed the app and reinstalled but the issues keeps happening…

There’s a known issue of V3Pros going in and out on uploading cloud recordings. I have a few doing this. It doesn’t always coincide with night/day though. Anyway, Wyze is working on a fix for it.


It’s strange mine seem to be doing it only at night… I’m getting ready to replace those cams with the new v4 cams soon anyway … Glad to know wyze is on top of it…

There could be something to do with night. I admit that when mine goes out it is usually (though not always) at night, but I have some that will stop recording for days in a row until I notice and restart them (so they don’t always come back on during the day…though some do come back on by themselves sometimes). I’ve considered flashing the firmware back to an earlier version that didn’t have the problem, but I’m trying to help some of the devs figure it out, so I gave them my MAC address so they use it to help figure stuff out. Reportedly a fix should be on the way soon.

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In this modernage, night issues should be a thing of the past.

I guess it could be more people are home from work or the ISP is running backups or performing maintenance?

A couple years ago, I would momentarily lose interest connection at 2am or so. Never at any other times. Since two years, I experienced zero issues. I blamed it on isp maintenance but who knows.

I haven’t had any issues with my V3 PRO except it keeps recording :cat: :cat: on the walkway for my font door, three times this week. :laughing:

I’d like to know what’s the holdup on a fix for this issue… Wyze as a company has become trash since it decided it wanted to be branch out beyond cameras…