Stopped recording at night

M 4 cameras stopped recording at night after working perfectly for the last 6 months. Now they are useless wastes of money as the reason I needed them was at night. I have contacted support and run through all the troubleshooting to no avail. What a waste of money.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @number1_auntjane! :raising_hand_man:

There are a couple bits of information that are needed in order to troubleshoot what is causing the issue.

  • Please confirm the firmware version that is running on each of the cams.

  • Is the recording that you are missing in the Events UI or in the SD Card Playback UI?

  • Confirm that there are no rules programmed that will affect the Event Recording.

  • Was there a recent firmware or app update that coincides with the recent recording change?

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I’m have no rules applied, I do not use an as card, there hasn’t been a recent update and these are my cameras.

Great Thanks!

A couple follow up questions…

  • Are these cams applied to a Cam Plus License or a Cam Plus Lite license?

  • Are you only recording Motion Events with the cam or are you recording Smart Detection AI Events as well?

  • Do you have Notifications on for your Motion Events or Smart Detection AI Events? Are you getting these push notifications?

  • What is the motion sensitivity settings on the cams?

  • Are you using Color Night Vision (IR Night Vision is set to off), or are you using IR Night Vision (set to auto).

  • If in Auto IR Night Vision, is the toggle for IR Lights turned on?

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I have a Cam Plus license. I’m using the smart detection with motion sensitivity set to high. Night vision is set to auto, dark and far.


There is something that is preventing AI Smart event uploads when the IR Night vision comes on. I am hoping it isn’t something in the firmware that started when you updated.

One thing you can try is to resync all the cams and your phone with the server settings. It is a process, and has to be at night to test, but it may help.

  1. Clear the App Cache in Account → App Info
  2. Sign Out in Account
  3. Close the App
  4. Unplug the cams (over 30s off)
  5. Restart your phone
  6. Plug in your cams
  7. Give them a couple minutes to boot.
  8. Log into the app
  9. Run around in front of the cams to check if you get events.

Count me in as another user who’s experiencing this issue. One v3 just quit recoring at night , I pulled up into my driveway walked out for like 5 minutes and it didn’t record a single event


Looks like I got it working again. I restarted the camera

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Ok, I’ll try it tonight. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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