Cameras keep getting kicked from cam plus

I have 4 cam plus cameras. It keeps kicking my cameras off telling me I need to buy cam plus for the cameras and only recording small bits of video.
It’s ridiculous. I had one that was 18 seconds on the only camera that doesn’t get kicked off for some reason. When I say kicked I mean it’s not recording more than 12 seconds. So I keep removing them from cam plus. Adding them back. Testing them. They work and record longer than 12 seconds just for it to happen again. I’ve spent over $300. It’s beyond frustrating when I’m only getting small videos. Why did I buy 4 cam plus for a year?

I’m really wishing I didn’t buy these to replace my old arlo cameras. Oddly I’ve had no issues with them.


You have already found the other reports of this bug in the latest app software update. Saw your post over there.

Wyze is monitoring the App Update Release announcement thread and requesting logs from those affected.

@Resist has already posted the bug over there:

And @milehiguy has confirmed it with this post:

Since Wyze is monitoring in that thread and has asked for logs:

suggest you submit a log and then post there to keep them motivated.

Good luck!

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Submit a log? Yeah because Wyze isn’t already aware of the issue yet still hasn’t fixed it!

Which assumes they know where it is broke and how to fix it.

And yet all they need is one log, from an in house camera since it’s effecting all of them. You assume this is an isolated issue when it’s not.

It probably isn’t isolated, although my logs wouldn’t help since my 12 cams on CamPlus aren’t affected. But, the more data Wyze gathers the better chances of isolating the source code and formulating a remedy. It obviously didn’t get revealed in the Beta round so it is something new in the production release or a new interaction with specific user OS and settings that none of the Betas had running. If you prefer to not submit logs, I can respect that decision. But, there aren’t very many other options other than to wait for the fix. Debating with other users the value of submitting logs and posting it to the thread certainly won’t speed up a fix.

I’m having this problem for my 4 cameras too.

One camera of three keeps asking to upgrade and will not record over 12s.
Reassignment doesn’t fix. Cam + is of no value.

I’m having the same issue. Reassignment doesn’t work. Something very critical was missed today because of this. All I get is the graphic in my events telling me that what I missed would be there if I had Cam Plus, something I’ve paid for. When I try to “add” Cam Plus, I get a message telling me that the camera already has it.

I don’t plan on renewing Cam Plus at the end of the 12 months. I’d rather spend the money on high capacity endurance cards and enabling continuous recording.