iOS 2.5.45 and Android 2.5.28 Released!


Please advise how we can roll back to prior version and now that I know there are such poor scruples among app developers I’ll be looking to remove automatic updates from WYZE.


Thanks Secondary_2g.

Previous Wyze app version 2.4.82 download

I can’t say that this will work but you can try it.

Edit: Android Version Only!


Thank you Gwedolyn.

I dont expect a response from this app team in the near century since they didnt bother to care before the release - certainly wont give two hoots after this boondoggle.

In the meantime - can you please advise how I can roll back to the previous version that was working fine?

Thanks I’ll see what I can do with it.

You’re welcome. Hope it works for you. This is only for Android users.

Hey Gwendolyn,

While you’re engaging in those communications, you might also have them consider renaming “Add/Edit Rules” to something like “Automation”, “Customization(s)”, “[Power] Tools”, “Wizards” (Wyzards?), or something that more broadly encompasses what are now (3) sub-categories. Shortcuts, in their current incarnation, aren’t really rules per se. Another approach might be to bring back the Shortcuts section as it was and place Schedule & Triggers within Rules separately. Acknowledged that this might grow the root menu +1 unnecessarily.

I was also thinking that it might’ve been (or still be) helpful to have included a demo/tutorial overlay screen for the overhaul - similar to the screens one encounters after first installing the app. This could’ve significantly softened the blow for many folks.

Additionally, it would’ve been helpful had shortcut buttons been preserved but stripped of their scheduling properties… the demo screen could’ve directed folks to the newly implemented Schedule section for the automated portions.

Just my picyaune $0.02 worth of inflated fiat currency… :wink:


Tried again. Still won’t accept my times. For the duration, I have just made two separate rules. Minor annoyance, but so far this is the only thing that seems buggy to me. And fwiw I am on Android, and using a Pixel 3.

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@secondary_2g, I will absolutely pass that along. Thanks for your cents!

@kevinjdoherty1, I have the team looking into this issue now.

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@brewmonkey, adding a device to multiple groups is on the wishlist… Hopefully it will be implemented one day.

Add same device to multiple groups (cameras)

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I also have the same issue with the new update.
I previously had several shorts cuts that also had scheduled tasks for multiple devices. But now those are called “rules.” When I attempt to add a new rule, I can only schedule one task per device so now I have to create multiple rules for each device instead of having one shortcut with multiple tasks. Please revert back to the way it was!

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What happened to Android hardware decoding? Was it intentionally removed? The new app is completely unstable now and is slow and unusable. I hope you didn’t intentionally remove hardware decoding. I want to revert to the previous version. How do I do it?


Hi WyzeTeam,

near the top of this thread it says that the change to only allowing a single action per schedule was a conscious decision. Could you please ask the team to elaborate because I can’t see any benefits and the obvious downside is you now need many schedules (which cannot be given a name) to achieve something that was previously clear and concise.

Maybe if we understood the intent it would help. Or maybe (hopefully) this actually is a bug.




About the only thing that comes to mind with the conversion to “Rules” is that its in preparation for the Wyze Plugs that begin to ship next week. Its possible they wanted a true scheduler with start & stop times in advance of that.

I can only imagine there was some snag allowing multiple steps vs singular tasks with that somehow. The scheduler is a great idea and will likely be polished going forward. Inclusion of & conversion to it could’ve been more graceful. Otherwise, I agree that the app in its current form isn’t ready for primetime and still belongs in the beta realm.


Agree with this. This was a removal of functionality, not an improvement. I would not have purchased some items had I known that functionality that was promised in the videos would be removed.

Scheduling only one action at a time would be ok if they allow us to schedule shortcuts which can then have multiple actions… then add back in the option of having the shortcut on the home screen. …

But as it is now its fairly useless. The thing is the migrated shortcuts that became schedules had multiple items in them, so the functionality is there. just the UI element to add an action is missing.

Has to be a bug, not a conscious decision.


There also appears to be a loss of actions as well. Bulbs can now only be turned on and off in schedules. We use to be able to adjust temperature and brightness. Something seems off. I don’t know why one would roll back functionality this much.

This is new documentation surrounding the new rules and rules interface. I don’t know if it might help at all?

wow their instructions for schedule indicate only one action can be used… appears as this was intentional. :confounded:

Did the “hardware decoding” option in the app settings get removed or moved somewhere else?

I used an old phone (nexus 5x) as an extra “screen” and after the latest app update, I noticed that video frames just get stuck and get super laggy as well. I noticed this before and I believe disabling “Hardware decoding” helped in previous app versions.

Was trying to see if this got flipped back on after the app update but noticed this option was gone.