Wyze app 2.44 Beta Test 7/17/2023

So I have more information on the device offline feature. This was accidentally posted in this release and we are sorry for that. I know the toggle is visible but currently it is still being tested internally. We are getting closer and I can say the devices that will work with this first will be the v3, v3 Pro, and Pan v3.


For those that have been unable to access HMS and services in 2.44 beta, could you please try now?


Are the listed cams supposed to work with the device offline feature now or do the cams need an upcoming associated firmware update?

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I’m experiencing two

One Is where when I open the camera group of 8 v3’s , some show “failure to connect”

And the other is where when you open the group, cameras are stuck in the “loading live stream” screen. Clicking on that individual camera does not load the live stream, I have to remove it from the group, and then it loads but if I add it back to the group it’ll have the same issue.

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Not sure what happened but it’s working today in b316, I don’t think there was an update installed but all works as expected now.

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What article, what router?
I have Ubiquity EdgeRouter4…
With Liveview on all my cams, sound is 1 to 2 seconds behind video, in my house, or even shared cams in other homes, but playback the sound is synced. Been an issue forever…

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I have been through multiple TPLink Mesh Routers: P7, x30, and x60. All had a streaming issue. I then got the Asus ZenWiFi XT8 and all my issues went away. I have since switched to the Wyze Mesh Router and am now on the Wyze Mesh Router Pro’s No issues with the last 3.

However, @cyberdog_17 may be able to help with Ubiquity as I think he uses a Ubiquity setup.


We were able to fix this in the cloud.


I was going to lament that Google still won’t let me update to this new beta app (it won’t even show up for me in the Play Store for some reason), but seeing some of the issues, I guess I shouldn’t feel TOO left out. :slight_smile: I’m glad you guys are doing some good thorough testing. Wish I could help.


I finally got this Beta app! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t implement dark mode for the Floodlight Pros yet, but it did it for most of the other cameras. Now if they can get the main UI to dark mode so we aren’t blinded while on our way navigating to a specific camera or event. :slight_smile:

I did notice a weird bug where I suddenly couldn’t toggle the person detection filter on the events tab UI, but if I selected the funnel icon I could toggle it there. I wondered if it only happened when I had dark mode on, so I toggled off dark mode and went back to the events tab and it suddenly let me toggle the person filter, so I went back to toggle on dark mode again and then it worked in dark mode too. So it may have just been a fluke, but I’ll keep an eye out for potential reproducing.


That’s odd! I am seeing dark mode for my Floodlight Pro’s on iOS.


Same here

I am experiencing a similar but different bug. I am unable to select the person button as well but I cannot select any of the cam plus filter options under the filter tab. I noticed this yesterday but I can’t be sure when it started, but I can say that app was working fine for at least a few days after the update. After reading your post I switched back to light mode and the issue persist. I have contacted support and I am waiting to hear from the tech team currently. I have deleted and redownload, attempted to download the public version but I kept getting the beta for some reason, cleared cache, basically everything support and I could think of. Hopefully working with the team with resolve this.


V2 unable to select notifications

Using cam plus lite the drop down for selecting which motion events should generate a notification (person or other motion) no longer works and is grayed. The notifications are being generated how they were last set.

Android version 2.44.0.b316

[Mod Note]: Topic merged to correct category (beta) for better visibility to Wyze.

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Are you referring to this app screen for Cam v2 running CPL?

If yes, please back out one level to Event Recording and verify “Record motion events” is toggled on.

Also, are you running Cam v2 firmware or other?

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Yes, I cannot drop down the options it is in light gray (3 cameras). Camera firmware is I do get the events just can’t set which notifications (notifications are on). V3 working fine.


Can you post screenshots of your Event Recording page and Notifications page?

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Went to take the screenshots but decided to try turning off and on “record motion events”. That fixed it. Odd it was the identical problem on 3 cameras.

Thank you

Edit: never thought of it since events where working


Glad to help and glad you got it working again. :+1:


No, it’s not working at all, at least on v3’s. I have cameras that I have to kill the power throughout the day, and I get no notifications at all.