Wyze App 2.28, Wyze Cam v2 & Cam Pan, Wyze Light Strip & Strip Pro, Wyze Thermostat Firmware Beta Test 1/19/2022

Thank you! We found an issue on the current V3 firmware that makes the new AI notification settings not working. It will be fixed on the firmware side. However, before the new firmware with the fix releases, all the V3s will temporarily have the previous version of AI notification settings.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you for posting the alignment issue. I will discuss with our App PM for the plan to standardize them.


Thanks for the information. Not an inconvenience, just wanted to make sure.

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@Chuan Please check the thermostat beta firmware issues that @vaaish and @carverofchoice posted. Thanks.


@WyzeHongfei Please check the robot vacuum issue that @spamoni posted in this thread. Thanks.


For the SD card ±30s not working issue, could you submit a device log? We can take a look what happened. Thank you very much!


LOG 448164

@WyzeBaohua I sent the log for one of the V2’s (I can send them for other models too, since none of the cameras work for me…some skip backward 3 seconds, some forward 3 seconds, some 1 second, but none work properly) and I included a video attached to the log showing this camera skipping backward 3 seconds no matter whether I tapped forward or backward 30 seconds it always skipped backward 3 seconds.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will forward it to the PM for investigation.

This maybe an easy answer, but can someone explain what the version information on the IOS app version means? My app updated to version 2.28.0 (a11) last night and I’m just curious what the (a11) is all about.
All other aspects of the app update appear to work for me as described and flawlessly!

Hi @jnylen777.

Not that I know the naming convention Wyze uses but, generally identifiers of such are Build numbers.
Where the Version is 2.28.0 the build number may be (a11)

The thread you are reading is showing issues that were seen in the Beta release. An early release to those participating in the Beta program. Becoming a Beta Tester

The version that is on your device is a production release. Where most of these issues that you are reading about here would have been resolved with the feedback you have just read through before being released in the app stores.

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Thxs for the quick response. That makes sense. I was just curious, now I know.


@WyzeBaohua I can’t set a start time for wake up in the sleep routines. it just shows up as loading when I click on start time. when I minimize and reopen the app then I can change the time but the time doesn’t get saved when you press ok.

Seems to be an issue with Android only.
Log 452802.


I can confirm that this issue does happen on Android version: 2.28.0 (102)

Submitted Log: 452819

This is what I see:

Note, tested on the iOS App version 2.28.0 (a11) and it works fine. So the issue seems to be only with Android.


When will the Thermostat firmware be publicly available? I have a fan operation problem while heating.

The thermostat firmware 1.2.0 is already in beta testing for a group of users. It will roll out if we don’t find any issues.
Could you describe your fan operation issue in detail? I would like to know about and exam if the firmware can resolve it.

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute.
I have a Carrier Heat pump with backup electric heat. I set up the backup heat as emergency only. The house is in central Florida. We had a cool week and cold few days where I needed to use heat. I set the mode to heat and it was functioning correctly before I went to bed. Around 4am I woke up to hearing the compressor outside our room cycling off and on with it sounding overloaded before turning off. I went to check the indoor unit and the fan wasn’t running even tho the coils were hot/warm. I manually turned on the circulating indoor fan and it worked. So I left the fan on all the time while heating. I am not a hvac worker nor a beta tester so that is all I did. I just wanted to make it function without damaging the hvac unit or leaving the house cold.

Today the thermostat started performing erratically. The mode was set to OFF, and I couldn’t turn off the indoor circulating fan using either the app or physical thermostat. And then the heat turned on even tho the mode was still set to OFF. So I shut off the hvac unit, waited for a half hour, and then turned it on again. When I turned it back on the fan was still running and I couldn’t change it. So I hard reset the thermostat and reinstalled it in the iPhone app. (The firmware and app are up to date) Now it seems to be functioning properly.

I want to make sure you all understand that a thermostat is considered a mission critical piece of equipment for me as a home owner. Heat pump compressors are thousands of dollars to replace. Circulating fan motors can be a thousand to replace, at least on mine. Not having heat or cooling when needed can cause a lot of damage to the house or contents depending on where it is located.
Also, our house may be left empty for long periods of time. I can’t just walk over and reset/reinstall the thermostat. It has to work right all the time, without exception.

The thermostat is performing incorrectly again. I woke up at 4am to the system heating when the mode was off and the fan was set to auto. It’s forecast to be 80 degrees today.
I shut off the whole unit. The fan issue is insignificant compared to this bug.

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