Person Detection notification on v3 with Cam Plus Unlimited

I have noticed that on my v3 cams, I do not have the ability to enable only certain type of AI Events. There is only one option to enable “Wyze AI Events” and not “Person Detect” or “Pet Detect” etc. I do have the option under Event Recording but not under Notifications.

The firmware is up to date
I have Cam Plus Unlimited
There is person detect under notifications for V2 cams.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Will the v3 just send out out notifications based on what I enable under Event Recordings? What if I want to record all events but only send out notifications for people events? Thanks!

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Wyze is aware of this and is working on adding it to the V3’s. Hopefully it will be completed soon.


Thanks. Was this introduced in a recent firmware or app update?

It was in one of the releases to the V3 and then removed as they are working on the AI processing portion for the V3’s. They need to make sure it functions as expected since they are also looking at releasing Cam Plus Pro which is based on a v3 camera. The V2, and Cam Pan Camera’s currently have this ability.

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Thanks. I will be patient and wait for an update.

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Not really sure what’s going on at Wyze but my V3s show person and pet detection. They don’t really work half the time but the options to enable and disable them are there.

The person and pet detection is showing under the Notification screen for you? I see the person/pet detection under Event Recordings but not Notifications. I only see “Wyze AI Events” under Notifications for my v3s.

Ok, got it now. In Notifications I see the same thing you do but under Event Recording I have a section called Smart Detection. In there I have all the options for Person, Package, Vehicle, and Pet.

That new feature has been temporarily disabled by Wyze due to a critical bug.

Hello Seapup - do you know if this has resolved with the latest firmware?

It has not been resolved yet.

Thanks. Any chance of a target date for this fix?