V3 person notification filter

Swapped out 6 v2s/pans today with v3’s and I notice there’s no person or AI push notification filter. Only options are motion & sound.

@WyzeGwendolyn is there a timeframe when that feature will make it to the v3?

Cam Plus works on the V3, but the legacy person detection doesn’t currently work.

That’s not what I’m talking about. I have cam+ on all cams, including the v3s.

What I’m referring to is selecting push notifications for only person or AI events instead of all motion. The v3 does not have that option, so I’m getting a push notification for all events.

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In your screenshots, which cam types are Garage and Basement?

Garage is v3, basement is pan.

I got it figured out. I had to remove cam+ from the v3s that only had the motion notification option. After I added cam+ back, I had the AI & all other motion options.


Excellent. That is what I was going to suggest. I just had the same problem 30 minutes ago setting up my v3s. :+1:




Did you take a look at @HDRock’s method?
I was able to get AI notifications working for my V3s.

did u read my last reply? :crazy_face: V3 person notification filter - #5 by Ken.S

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