Wyze 3 Cam skipping 1 oe 2 seconds on uploaded video recordings and playack

See above… current beta that is out for testing appears to have resolved this issue and also provides smother playback as well.

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All of my cameras freeze in the same manner: When a subject appears in the center of the screen, the green square “targets” them, the camera freezes for 1-3 seconds, then the subject is GONE, and those seconds of video are lost! LOG ID # 938089

Ditto. Freezes every time. Log 939109

What is really strange about the V3, pause, skip, jerky motion is where I had twp V3 camera’s covering the same area for comparison of a camera with camplus subscription and one without. The camera that does not have subscription of course only plays 12 second but there was never a pause, skip or jerky motion recorded event, WELL guess what has happened since I mentioned that I could not post the comparison events due to being a new person to here. The camera without camplus subscription plays a few seconds then error code (3001) comes up every time and says to contact customer support, so this camera is not USLESS.

The jerky video problem does still exist on recorded events for sure for me.
Cam v3 is at - 12 of those
Cam Pan Zoom v2 is at - 6 of those
Cam Pan Zoom v1 is at - 4 of those
Cam OG is at 1.0.59 - 4 of those
Cam Outdoor v1 is at - 4 of those
Cam Outdoor Base v1 is at - 4 of those
No problem with plugs, outdoor plugs, watches, scales, vaccums, locks, lock gateways, bulb white, LED strips, or bulb color. Many of those.
Will share logs later.
All firmwares report ‘up to date’.

Wyze released new Beta firmware today for the Pan v2 and v3. Hopefully, fixes for the jerky video is being addressed in the new Beta firmware.

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I saw they released a new one @StevenA - I don’t install beta software, though, and my wifi is definitely not open - very complex passwords. Open means no password required.


I had the same issue… I learned that when I restart the camera… the issue resolves for a day or so before refreezing again. So I set up a rule so that every day at 1AM my camera restarts… This fixed the issue and I haven’t had again.

Brilliant idea.

I have had more trouble rebooting cameras and restoring internet access, so I don’t love rebooting cameras. My cameras are thousands of miles away, and I don’t want to risk one not coming back online.

For example, I have 5 at one house, and one of them stopped working shortly after it recorded me leaving the house. Checked at the airport and could not access the camera. Hasn’t recorded since. Can’t view live either. No one there to unplug it, and because it seems to be offline, I cannot access settings to reboot it.

I have 4 v3 cams. My two outdoor cams are no longer recognizing events. The two window mounted cams are working good. Restarted all cams yesterday but will try a reset when I get home from work tonight.

Check your camp+ subscriptions? Maybe they expired? Ensure they are assigned to cameras? Just grasping at straws here – don’t actually know.

My v3 works has stopped recording all events as of yesterday, even with cam plus.
I have tried multiple times to get wyze support but continuously get looped back the the crappy robot chat. :rage:
I can’t even find a way to view cam plus videos of previous recordings.

I’m close to fed up with the issues I have with Wyze cams.

The uploaded Cam Plus Events are found in the Events Tab. Do you have any filters set (funnel button) that might be excluding some videos?

Are you getting event push notifications?
Are the recordings that have stopped Cloud Event Videos or SD Card Event Videos?
Do you have an SD Card set to Events or Continuous recording?
Have you power cycled the cam?
What are your settings in the Event Recording settings page of the cam?

There needs to be some clarity on the events and notifications tab. I would argue that checkboxes all the way down the page with 2 columns would be better, or stack them on the same page.

My example:

Category Record Alerts

All Motion Yes/No Yes/No

All Sound Yes/No Yes/No

Person Yes/No Yes/No

Faces Yes/No Yes/No

Pet Yes/No Yes/No

Vehicle Yes/No Yes/No

Package Yes/No Yes/No

Crying Yes/No Yes/No

Meowing Yes/No Yes/No

Barking Yes/No Yes/No

Talking Yes/No Yes/No

Where the yes/no are checkboxes or slide toggles or whatever they are called now.

Why 2 separate pages?

I think the UI allows you to toggle notifications like for Crying even if you have said not to record Sound? Not 100% certain, but remember an issue like this before.


There is sound logic behind a single UI that allows for both toggling of Recorded Events and also Notifications for those events within the same UI.

However, that would be a diversion from the topic in this thread to discuss that here. It is being discussed in this #wishlist request. A post in that thread to merge the Event Recording and Notifications UI, as well as hierarchal toggle disabling, can be posted there.

The camera has worked fine for a year, I can go back two weeks for my front camera and rear camera and the rear camera doesn’t have cam plus. The front camera that stopped working started working again today for no apparent reason.
Yesterday I unplugged it, let it rest, plugged it back in, I reset the camera, Nothing worked and then this afternoon it started working again.
I always could view the camera live and I can see what’s going on, it just wasn’t recording anything

Was there a recent firmware update? It sounds like the power cycle was the trick to get it back in line though.

Firmware was several days ago.
No notifications.

I just looked and it turns out it only worked once today

No SD card
Toggled for motion
I cycled the cam yesterday

I haven’t changed the settings in a year.

  1. Go into your Event Recording Settings and toggle off the Person Detection and every other AI and Motion Detection setting. Shut it all down.
  2. Go to your Services and unassign the Cam from Cam Plus.
  3. Go to Account - App Settings and clear the cache.
  4. Sign out of the App in Account
  5. Close the App.
  6. Power Cycle the cam
  7. Restart the phone
  8. Wait for both to reconnect to the WiFi
  9. Log into the app
  10. Reassign the cam to Cam Plus
  11. Restore the Event Recording settings
  12. Dance in front of the cam to test.

I have v3 pro and the videos are skipping on events and sd card playback. Not good. I see this has been an issue for awhile. Will the skipping issue ever get fixed?