Working Cats needed

I need a couple of Cats that work for a living. No woke or lazy cats like the four that come into my yard every day and night.


Yes, it looks like you do need a good cat…

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The little #$%^&*! showed up a couple of days ago. I’ll get it a trip to rat heaven eventually.

Rat HELL sounds like a better place for him…

Rat Heaven = New York City. I might have feed him some growth hormones’& steroids first though so he can fit in with the saddle sized pack in N.Y.


See, you disparage them all the time and then wonder why they don’t do you favors.


Or… You just haven’t seen the dozens they caught for you off camera. :smiley_cat:


The only thing I see them do on camera is drink the water and steal the snacks I leave for the possum and :raccoon:(s). One good thing is they don’t like or steal the marshmallows. :rofl:


I have a cat that eats EVERYTHING, including popcorn, Flaming Hot Cheetos, sugar/sweet stuff, vegetables, anything that he thinks we’ll eat --he’s down for eating (and stealing) some too.

He’s…a little special though. He does not have the coordination and balance skills of most cats (he will fall over a lot, miss jumps, not land on his feet, and he doesn’t understand things like the other cats can (such as things he shouldn’t do…he’s not defiant like others can be, he just often doesn’t understand. He’s not DUMB though. He’s a clever little guy…just not very stereotypical cat-like.

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Sounds like a special little guy. :blush:
My dog liked to eat salad if I added Italian dressing.

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Those food may be bad for your cat’s health especially its kidneys.


:pouting_cat: :police_car: :policeman:

Yes, I have told him that, but he says I’m not the boss of him and that whatever the toddlers drop is free game, and if he can break into the bags, that’s free game too. He keeps telling me I’m not his veterinarian or his owner, and he adopted me. :man_shrugging:

We have a door on our kitchen and our pantry, but he’s a fast and sneaky little guy, and toddlers drop a lot of food when they eat too.


To be clear, I don’t feed him (“River”) human food on purpose, and he rarely gets any, but he does TRY a lot and he does sneak some or break into it when he can get away with it. And, I will mention that it’s not because he’s “hungry” since we have an unlimited supply of cat food available to our cats in a food dispenser (none of them over-eat, so it works out great…one of them, “Flower” is a larger toothless cat, but he adopted our neighbor [a lonely old man who adores him] a couple of years ago because Flower hates his black-cat brother “Kovu” with a passion). River just sees us eating human food and thinks if it’s good enough hunting for us, then he should eat it too even if we try to stop him.

My kitties can be seen here:


Intrepid kitty beset by high ground mice.


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Rat Master (Itinerant)

:cat: three hours to early.

Criminal rat:

Bad timing…

Those traps usually work good. Just don’t re-use them after a kill, The rats can smell the blood on them I think. Also use peanut butter so its hard to get off .
Cats aren’t going to mess with them if they get free possum food LOL.

I use dried almonds which has always worked in the past. This time I put peanut butter on the almond for an extra treat. That sneaky critter keeps investigation the trap about 5-6 times a night getting closer each time but not close enough yet. They do have a great sense of smell.

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I changed the WCO Rat cam to scheduled event recording to the SD card in the cam so I can make a feature length film when done. First take of the movie. :upside_down_face: