Early Morning Ambush

So my cats are on lockdown. It’s not their fault entirely. I ran the Roomba for the first time about a week ago and it did not go over well. My older cat (3.5 years) had an adverse reaction, hiding upstairs for two days. He wouldn’t come past the last step on the stairs (not even to eat)… and unfortunately to pee. The boys went into lockdown until I can clean the carpets and recondition them to not be scared of the downstairs (Roomba already sold). They haven’t lost their playfulness though. Just this morning, I caught this video of the younger boy laying in wait for an ambush.

I did check the playback and really it ended right after this as he knew he was overmatched as his first strike did not phase his opponent.

@pthalodezin, I can see from your video above that you are a person that really understands cats as evidenced by the elevated cat-track and climbing steps. So I’ll forgive you for some of your energetic posts. (BTW, my wife and I have been fostering cats for over 20-years, currently 10 in residence.)

Thanks. The office has one good elevated track for them. The real show is in the living room with the 10 foot tall sisal wrapped climbing pole and elevated sky box with two round portals. That is the younger one’s favorite place (he is missing it). I really share the downstairs space with the boys. The upstairs is mine, but they are welcome there (just no fun stuff just for them).

10 cats. That’s a hand full. I couldn’t imagine 10 of these energetic acrobats running around.

I am still in a long process to adapting these two from their former lives. The older was a breeding cat for 3 years and he was the dominant in his former home and the younger, 1.5 year old (from the same house) has twice been rejected by other owners (once when a kitten and a second time earlier this year). They are full-bred traditional siberians and they are, by far, the most athletic cats I have ever seen. At times they jump off the tracks which are 7 feet off the ground and land with grace.