“#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest [March/2018]”

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hah! nicely captured!

I am currently a full time student staying home with my kids during the day and school at night.

We have a 2 year old and a 9 month old.

Shortly after putting a WyzeCam in the living room this occurred.

I had received a phone call and was attempting to locate something in my office and left the girls alone for a few minutes in the living room. They weren’t making any noise so I don’t really think much of it till the oldest got hurt and came into my office.

*No children were injured in the making of this video!



I have ave a few others that I will post later after I get them on youtube.


The wyzecams have created quite the entertainment for us in watching what the kiddos are doing when we aren’t watching them like a hawk!



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My closet doors are always open and I didn’t know why until I caught my cat Abby in the act. She only works at night, so I had to use the night vision feature. This is by far the smartest thing she has ever done. :wink: The only question is, “why?”

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Don’t know why embedding isn’t working. Here’s a link.