Caught Mouse at 1am, Then he Escaped

I live in a very old house with the original 1930’s metal cabinets. There are holes under the counters and apparently behind the walls where rodents and snakes can get in.
I stuck a Wyze camV3 on the stove last night and just went back on the footage to see how he got out of the trap.

Ok, I pieces the vids together and uploaded it to YT.

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Borrow one of the neighbors cats for a few days or put one of your guard :chicken: in there on duty. :grin:
You may need more than on cat!

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Yeah. The one I caught yesterday morning I gave to the chickens. They fought over it but then he got away into the neighbor’s yard. He might’ve come back with his buddy, or more were in here all along.
I do have a large bag of barley in the kitchen for the chickens. Maybe they were after that. I’m putting it all outside!
Those mice are FAST. My kitchen is small and they can run from one side to the other in 2 seconds.

It is for this that I use they types of traps I do. I do not want them coming back EVER!


Yeah I know what you mean! I only used that one before was because I was giving them the the barn cats next door. Well, I found my old fashioned one and set it up a bit ago. Moved the little rolling cart from next to the stove and out a plant stand there forst and only 15 minutes later… Hope the vids show up

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I can’t view videos yet. I guess we need @Seapup to work his magic. :smile:

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Thanks. I’ll just have to upload from my computer from now on. I downloaded a new photo album on my cell phone and while playing around with moving photos, I clicked on something and looks like it deleted 95% of all my photos and videos in my albums.