Monitoring mouse traps with Wyze3 cam

My wife thought we had mice in the attic, but my old ears couldn’t hear the noise. I put a live mouse trap and the Wzye cam to monitor it, so I wouldn’t have to climb a ladder to monitor it. I also recorded continuously, turned sensitivity up to the max and Turned on IR lights. No report for about 2 hours, then motion, motion motion flags.

Yes, a mouse. A smart mouse that got into the trap, ate the bait and escaped from the trap without even sweating. Because of the Wyze cam, instead of scratching my head wondering I had video of what was happening. I got some glue traps, baited them and put them in the live trap. The first mouse entered and left (and stepped) on the glue trap several times before finally sticking. I disposed of him, rebated, and within three hours had a second mouse. Nothing since then (which I know from my monitoring.) Thank you Wyze!


It’s supposed to be awful but as far as I’ve seen absolutely nothing works to catch modern mice except glue traps, larger the better. :frowning:

They are crafty.

I used a V2 in my attic to monitor a rat trap a couple years ago.

And I agree about the glue traps.

I have a Dome Mouser. :sunglasses: it supposedly zaps the little buggers. They recommend popcorn for bait. Must be a mouse repellant also because it has not attracted a mouse since I purchased it over a year ago. It must be an elephant repellant too, because we don’t see those either

We do have glue boards and snapping mouse traps in the basement

About 10 years ago, after the field behind our house was harvested, we caught 8 mice in 3 months :mouse: