Mouse trap cam

Ever wondered what to do with ‘retired’ Wyze cameras after you’ve updated to the new v3’s? So, Ive got mice in the attic nibbling away at my cables so I set traps up there, but then I need to climb up once in a while to check and see a (hopefully) deceased mouse before the smell permeates through the house. Well! No longer! String a cable up through the attic door and give yourself a live view and even notification of movement. I wont post a photo since it might be a bit gruesome…


I have used a V2 for that exact purpose.


This integrates with my Hubitat Elevation smart home ecosystem.

[Mouser — Dome Home Automation]

Fill it with popcorn and it will alert when a visitor has been ‘overcharged’


That is pretty cool! I have a Hubitat. I might have to get one of those. I rarely see signs of mice where I live, but there must be some since one of my cats brought one home at the end of last year.

That’s a fairly reasonable price for a reusable smart mouse trap without a mess. Very tempting indeed. Does it automatically electrocute them, or can it catch them alive?

It zaps them. Bzzzz

The mouse can easily turn around and get out, but the popcorn is tempting. The mouse has to walk over two metal pads to get to it.

I have not tested it myself.

It also is a great elephant and crocodile repellent


These have been in my attic and garage for some time now. I have them in group together I call the “Kill Zone Cams”!

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I’ve used the $20 dumb one made by Victor but never caught nothing. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what I caught. :slight_smile: