Wyze Mouse Trap

Please develop the Wyze Mouse Trap.

Because, clearly, if anyone can build a better mouse trap it is Wyze.

Also, it should be smart with:

  • Camera
  • Motion Sensing
  • Wireless
  • Integrate with WyzeSense to provide audible alert upon capture
  • Live Humane Trap
  • Waterproof for cleanup

I bet someone could make one out of the needed Wyze products and the proper trap.
I like the idea!:+1:

I personally use an battery operated zapper trap, I have to say I do not want a death cam on it, The light on it is fairly good, but a push notification could be handy. As for the live humane part, it’s useless moving the mice to somewhere else to infest is just wrong. Now if we are to talk about TNR program on the scale they are done here, I would be down with a live trap, but not for an invasive pest.