Bug zapper

I was thinking that Wyze could look into creating a bug zapper for the ecosystem. I have been looking for one, and they all seem… well, I think Wyze can do it better and for a fair price. Just a thought.

Unless you mean the swatter type, they are counterproductive. They attract and kill almost entirely benign flyers.



We had several many years ago. It is a losing battle. There are countless bugs flying around. Several species are beneficial but they are attracted to the light also. Imagine sitting on the patio with a bug zapper within earshot and a june bug flies in. The zzzzzZzzz sound the bug being electrocuted makes is quite loud and the smell is UGH.

Put it this way… go into Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, any big box store and find their bug zappers. They have a few to appease those that want to throw their money away. Back in the day they were all over. Now not so much.


If Wyze made one, I would probably get it.

Having said that, the 2 main reasons I don’t think Wyze will make one of these are:

  1. It isn’t an industry in need of “disruption” since they aren’t all at ridiculously high prices with high profit margins. There are too many generic options selling for just over cost. Wyze seems to prefer to break into markets where the majority of the main US players have jacked up prices with high profit margins, though Wyze does make exceptions…it seems that now those exceptions generally have to fall into reason 2:
  2. VP of Product Steve McIrvin indicated he’s recently been nixing product proposals that don’t more clearly fall into their core “3 C’s”: Cameras, Comfort, and Control…This product isn’t a camera, isn’t really in the control category, though to some degree it could fall into the comfort category (the idea being to remove nearby bugs so they aren’t annoying you as much). Still, it isn’t much of a “smart home” type of product, and while Wyze did go through a phase offering some non-smart home type of devices, it sounds like they’re typically going to avoid that in the future.

Something that I found to help around our house a lot was spreading some anti-bug powder all over our lawn just before it rains or we water it. Before using that stuff, we were getting TONS of bugs in our swimming pool constantly. It was really annoying. Then I spread that bug killer powder stuff around our entire lawn just before it rained, and now we never see mosquitos, and there are basically never any bugs in our swimming pool anymore. I’d highly recommend giving something like that a try.

I do like using electric fly swatters indoors though.
If Wyze makes a bug zapper I’d still probably get it, and just post it at the edge of where my patio and lawn meet (so they make a stop there before they get to the patio or swimming pool).

Anti-bug powder?

I didn’t know what else to call it without going into my garage and checking.

I call it powder because it is really dusty. Normal lawn fertilizer is in little ball shapes, but this stuff was really dusty and left little clouds as I spread it around the yard in slightly windy conditions. Thus powder…

And since the whole point off it was too get rid of bugs…anti-bug.

So anti-bug powder. :grin:

Tell me it doesn’t make sense.

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Politically correct form of insecticide or pesticide powder or dust. Kills what you have and repels future annoyances. :grin:

BTW… I’ll take a Wyze bug zapper for the entertainment. :rofl:


It’s probably sodium tetraborate decahydrate

AKA: Borax laundry detergent.


It can be made up of almost anything as long as it keeps my property, especially my swimming pool from being infested with bugs everywhere. :wink:

Though preferably not seriously harmful to people and cats (we lock our kitties inside for a day when we use it, per the instructions… Supposed to be fine after we water it).

But it is a brown dusty powder.