Rodent detection

When I review events Wyze lets me submit clips for AI to learn. I am currently using my V3 as a rodent camera (mouse / mice, God forbid rats) , which it is doing well at. Id love to tag these as animals or rodents but my best options currently are insects or pets. It may be that some people want to track rodents, or that others would prefer to not see them, but recognizing them would be helpful in both cases


I have used the cams for a similar need, I got some unwanted field mice trouncing around in my garage whenever the crops behind my house were being collected, those fields have starting become homes so I imagine there will be less field mice with no harvest.

This would be a request for the wishlist tag. Check it out here.

I do know Wyze will be releasing customizable AI controls in the future so we the users will be able to start making our own profiled events.

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I’m doing the same and find camera quite useful for this

Are you using night or day mode? I’m trying to figure out why my camera isn’t catching any - I know they are there!!

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On a side note to this thread, be mindful about rodents near your car. I am also on a couple of automotive forums and frequently hear about rodent damage to wiring under the hood.

Hi @sannmer

@mvb , @Antonius , @K6CCC , myself and others have had good luck with :mouse: :mouse2: :cam_v3: .

I’m using night vision mode w/IR lights on in full darkness with a v2 cam. Which cam are you using and what are your sensitivity settings?


You can also post a screenshot if you like. :slight_smile:

Hi @sannmer, I use a battery powered WCO in my attic to monitor a couple of mouse traps. I like the WCO because I don’t have power up there. The pattery lasts for 3 months for me. So to pull out the ladder 3 or 4 times a years is not a big deal.

Below is a screenshot of the camera view. Below that are pics of my settings.

Hope you find this useful.
(Thanks for the shout out, @peepeep.)

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