What cam for rodents control?

I would like to put a few cameras, one inside my garage, one on my terrace because I think rats/mice come, can you recommend me which one would be able to detect such small animals?
Also I am not sure how many GB SD card do I need?

Also would be nice to see a battery powered camera option and a standard wired one.

Thank you!

I used an old Wyze Cam Outdoor version 1 cam but had to set it on scheduled event recording to get the complete video.
I think the V3 is the best with at least a 64GB vard


Battery-powered cams will not work well if at all. They use passive infrared (PIR) sensors to trigger a cam wakeup for recording. A mouse can move at 8 MPH (~12 ft / sec). By the time the cam wakes up to record, your rodent is long gone. And that’s if the cam wakes up at all due to small rodent size. PIR-based cams also won’t wake up if your rodent is actually a cold-blooded critter like snakes. You can set a battery-powered cam to run in awake state on a schedule, but it’s not ideal.

Cam v2, v3, v3 Pro, v4 and OG (not OG Telephoto) should work ok for your use case, including detecting movement of cold blooded critters. These cams are 24/7 awake and you can set the cam to record continuously to microSD card. You should install at least a 64GB high endurance card or preferably a 128GB card. Keep in mind that if your rodent is a mouse and moving at max speed with no pause, it will appear as a blur on recorded footage. If the intended installation area is dim/dark, set the cam to blast IR 24/7. Also, if one cam doesn’t cover your entire desired viewing area, it’s better to use multiple fixed cams vs a pan/scan cam like Cam Pan v3. That said, I use old Cam v2 cams and Cam v3 cams in my attics and garages. I’d prefer the Cam v4, but I got what I use on sale for much less than a new v4.


I agree which is why I used scheduled event recording on the Battery WCO. It would capture Mr. Ratso but not everything. And yes I finally did dispose of him.
WCO video:


Looks like you need my friend Houdini, the 8’ rat snake. :rofl:

Cam v2 footage:


Even though there are numerous :cat:(s) that come around here it took my about a month to finally trap the evil Mr. Ratso. I am glad I only get one maybe once a year.

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thanks for the detailed explanation, so I guess I will go with the v3/v4 which should activate on rodents movement and 128GB


If you get a cam and need help with settings, just ask for help. Lots of knowledgeable users here on this forum. Also, for setup info, you get only a quick start guide with a cam and a QR code that takes you to the support site. You can get familiar with whatever you choose in advance by reading the support articles at your leisure:

Wyze Help Center > Cameras

It is great to use Wyze cameras to monitor rodents, but also take steps so rodent do not damage the wiring in your vehicles.


I use wood snap traps in my garage plus my neighbor’s cats always patrol my property at night.


We had rodent challenge under house in our ~2ft crawl space.
I have a couple of Pan v2s and pan v3s under my house in crawl space along with a couple of wyze color bulbs ( at 15%) in safety covers. I mounted the pan cams on 1 ft of 2x6’. I have a rule that can brighten the Wyze lights if motion.

With the pan tracking the cams helped to confirm rodents. and also with tracking where they were coming & going from.

Once rodents removed …, I left cams & lights under to ensure no further activity. and also to keep an eye on plumbing for leaks, etc.

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yikes! :grinning:

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A first for me, a real working cat. I believe he got it in the neighbors yard.The video is tagged Pet on the events page.