Several V3 Questions

  1. I have an area that has workers in it all day. So I only want the camera to work (record) at night - is this possible without doing it manually?

  2. I can have my base station in a garage 500ft from my house near the work area. Is there anyway to be able to view the camera in real time from my house (again, only at night) - perhaps over the internet if I set up service out in the garage?

  1. Yes you can set a schedule so that it will only record during a certain time.
  2. The v3 does not use a base station, so it will need some sort of wifi connection. Maybe a powerline adapter?
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For v3, yes to number 1. But number 2 makes me think you’re talking about the Outdoor Cam. Or are you referring to your wifi router as your base station? V3 is wifi, and outdoor cam uses a base station.

And if you are referring to an Outdoor Cam, number 1 would be difficult. It doesn’t have continuous recording. But it can record motion. But the best I can tell the only way to get the video off of the card is to pull it out. The app would have the event recordings. But I haven’t seen a way to access the card from the app.

V3 (or even a v2) would be the way to go. Just needs a decent wifi signal.

I think we need more information. Are you sure we’re talking about a V3 and not the Wyze Cam Outdoor? And are you saying you do not currently have any WiFi connectivity in the monitored garage?

Edit: what the other guys said

Thanks for prompt reply - but I’m confused. I thought V3 was an outdoor cam and worked wirelessly with a base station - am I incorrect?

The v3 is a wired indoor/outdoor camera that connects to your own wifi. The Wyze cam outdoor (wco) is a battery operated indoor/outdoor camera that connects to a base station.


WCO and base.


OK got it. Thanks - I appreciate the quick response.

Can I use more than one V3 at a time???

Do you mean view at the same time? Or have setup in app? I have 4 V3s installed, and there is no limit to how many you can have setup. There are folks that have many more that I.

Again, if you do not have WiFi with Internet in the garage you are monitoring, you will not be able to effectively use V3s or most other WiFi cameras.

Thanks again for the info. To be clear and more detailed. I will have internet in the garage I intend to monitor.

It looks like it will be a separate “account” than what I will have in the main house (1000 ft away) - with its own modem.

I would like 3-4 cameras, and be alerted (woken up) in the main house only at night, when one is triggered. Once alerted I would like to be able to verify it isn’t a false alarm and be prepared when I go check it out.

Is this doable?

Sounds like cable modem. But yes, totally doable for 3-4 cameras. They don’t take up a lot of bandwidth. So decent cable modem service will be more than plenty.

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Just make sure to configure the cameras on site, unless you choose to use the same SSID on both locations. Good luck and have fun.

(Also, I’m assuming we’re really talking about V3s, which don’t use a base station.)

You can get a wireless access point with an antenna connector and get a 12db or so gain antenna (12" square-they are small) to connect the antenna port of the WAP, point the directional gain antenna at the remote camera. If it is line of sight, it will probably work.

Just seeing these responses now - thanks a lot.

After more research it appears as if internet service to my garage is a must for dependable monitoring purposes.

  1. is there a preferred wireless router to use in the garage? And would that be “strong” enough to connect to V3 cameras (4) on each side of the garage at 50ft. distances?
  2. would there be any way to have such a system activate at night, wake me in my bed, and allow me to then view the reporting camera to assure it is not a false alarm and be prepared to confront an intruder?
  1. It’s just WiFi so any decent router. Most will make 50 feet without issue. Don’t invest in anything crazy since the cameras only support 2.4 GHz anyway. Besides, if you’re ordering new service it might come with one.

  2. Sure, the regular Wyze notifications should suffice - you can have a phone alert, other Wyze rule effects, and/or Alexa routines (for “person detection” only, which is an add-on service cost for CamPlus). You can also trigger lights or other things attached to smart plugs.

Keep in mind it takes at least 12 seconds for a typical Wyze alert, and longer to get up a video stream for live view. If you want faster notifications you should look into motion detectors (new Wyze ones are coming).

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Thanks for the info. Would this be the same for Apple based alerts, etc?

It’s the alert at night to wake me up that is the primary concern. We have to turn our phone off at night. We are in Hawaii, and if we don’t, calls can start at 4-5:00am since everyone “forgets” it is earlier here. I wish there were some way to only allow one number to come through from my security system - but I doubt it has a dedicated number I could allow - if I could find a way to make that happen.

Or a special alarm my iPad or iPhone could play if a text was received from the system - but only from the system.

you can set up tp-link cpe210 outside at your remote area and another cpe210 attached to your wifi modem at your base. the remote unit will be aconfigured as a repeater and the other is attached to your modem via ethernet cable and acts as an access point (wifi router). the outside unit at your remote side is also a wifi router but justs repeats to your unit at the modem site. you may even be able to access your regular wifi router at your modem with just the remote cpe210 setup as a wifi router (access point). I was able to do this with the remote site being over 1200 feet away, but found the signal sometimes too weak, but for 500 feet it might work. The cep210 costs about $50 each. get one unit and if it is not strong enough then get the other and set them as repeater and access point .