Different Locations

I need to install outdoor cameras at 2 different locations. Which cameras are recommended; outdoor cameras with hub or v3 cameras? I would like to access all from the app

I would use a V3 if you can get a power source to the two locations. You can access all the WYZE cams from the app. I have 4 outdoor cams and one V3. I only have one power source that is outdoors and I didn’t feel like drilling holes through my walls and siding to get power all around the outside of the house.

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Do I need the eyes hub for outdoor cameras?

Outdoor cameras are designed for snapshots. The V3 is designed for monitoring and can record continuously. And the V3 has much better night vision.

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The WYZE Cam Outdoor (WCO) is a battery powered cam and yes you need a base station for those cams. The V3 is also a outdoor cam, powered with power cable and power adapter, no base just wi-fi. When you say two locations do you mean two locations at your house or business or two separate properties?

2 separate properties

If you have two different properties and used the WCO you would need one base for each location. Make it easy just get the V3 cams. You will need WI-FI at both locations and yes you can view the cams from any location with the WZYE app as long as the cams are connected.

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Thank you!