Do I need more than one hub?

I’m trying to put together a complete system for my house, and I found this article from 4 years ago:

But I’m not seeing the requirement that each hub only supports up to 4 cameras, and I’ve seen several things that say you can have unlimited cameras and devices, so I’m confused. If I want 6 cameras, do I need 4 hubs?

That requirement was for the Battery Powered WYZE Cam Outdoor version 1 and 2. I don’t think they even sell the Version 1 Battery powered WCO anymore and the Version 2 is and has been out of stock forever. I would stick with plug in cameras like the V3 or V4 and they do not require a Hub. I have 4 of the old WCO v1 cams and base station still in operation and will until they die off. I also have 8 other plug in wifi cams.
Do you have power available to use plug in cams?


I don’t have power in every location, but I can add outlets. It won’t be super easy, and I’m worried about how it might look, since the outdoor power adapter has a cord that’s way longer than I need and has that transformer/box thing in the middle. It would be helpful if Wyze was more clear on how to build out a system, and even better if they had a tool where I could make a rough floorplan for my house to see how I could lay out my cameras, sensors, etc. But I WILL need a hub for all the sensors, right?

You are referring to the Home Monitoring which I have no clue about but yes you will need a Hub for that.
There are many members here that use that system so you will have to wait for one of them to chime in and provide some advice and information.

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As stated above, the 4-camera limit is for the older Wyze Cam Outdoor battery cams that required a base station. They’re not really sold much anymore.

If you need cams without a power cord/wire, consider getting the Battery Cam Pro model which doesn’t require a base station to connect to. You can have as many of those as you want. I do recommend getting the solar panel to go with it so you don’t have to recharge the batteries yourself (I have 6 of these).

The Home Security sensors do require a hub to connect to. They have a limit of 100 sensors per hub, which is plenty.

I have well over 50 cameras total and 300+ Wyze devices, so I can assure you there are no real overall limits.