Camera limits on hub?

I’ve seen posts about a 4 camera limit on a hub.
When I started setting up, I guess I mussed this restriction? I currently have 5 indoor cameras, and 3 outdoor cameras on a hub. Is the 4 camera limit just a recommendation? Should I spread them out? And can you even buy just a hub, or do you have to get a bundle?

There is a 4 camera limit on the base stations.

It’s best to set the cameras up on the base that’s closest. If you have multiple base stations, id recommend having them spread out, one in the front of the house, one in the back of the house, or lower level and upper level etc.

Currently base stations arnt sold separately.


Yes, to avoid confusion it best to call the Outdoor Camera’s Base Station just that, and not a Hub. The Hub is for sensors. :slight_smile:

To buy another Base station, you buy the bundle. So the first and 5th cameras are bundles, and the rest singles. Unless you have something unusual, like a need for one in front of the house and one in back.


Exactly! And with Wyze you can’t forget the gateways and chimes that fall into the same category, but are different devices for different purposes.


Exactly. And those cameras you call the indoor cameras are indoor cameras that some of us use outside too, but they don’t connect to the base station. So there’s no limit to those. (No earthly limit, so to speak. )

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Yup, the outdoor battery cams use the base station (little white square with 2 big antenna) and that has a 4 cam limit. 4 battery cams.