Base station question

I do not currently own any type of camera and I am thinking about getting one. I am currently looking at the outdoor camera setup but have a quick question. (Sorry if this info is there I just missed it) anyway the outdoor camera uses a base station to communicate with the camera, but when you order 2 cameras do you have to use two base-stations (one for each?) or when I order 2 cameras do I get one base-station to control both. This is just a question I have and I appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Each base station supports up to 4 outside cameras. The V2 and Pan cameras do not require the base station.

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Right now if you order 2 cameras you will get a base station with each one. I am going to order 1 and wait for the add on camera to become available. Each station supports 4 cameras. I believe.

The base stations are not bound to the WCO until you set up, so if you order 2 bundles now, you can just use either base station for both cams