Base station (hub)

If I buy the Wyze home security starter kit. It comes with a hub(base). Then if I buy an outdoor camera…. Do I need another hub? So basically will I need a base station for each or will one do and then just buy the separate components to compete the system?

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The Wyze Home Monitoring System (HMS ie Security Alarm System) Core Starter Kit comes with the Wyze Sense Hub in the kit. It is required as the central operations Hub for all your Home Security and Automation sensors.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor requires a Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station to operate.

The Sense Hub and the WCO Base Station are two different pieces of equipment that do two completely different things.

You only need one Wyze Sense Hub to run the Home Monitoring System and it is included in the Core Starter Kit. You can then add as many sensors (contact, motion, climate, leak) as you need to secure your home.

The WCO Base Station can support up to 4 connected Wyze Cam Outdoor. The Base Station is sold included with a Wyze Cam Outdoor. Individual WCO without the Base Station can be purchased separately.


Thank you for stating clearly this! Perfect!

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