Feature request: Mouse motion detection

I know this is a tricky feature, but I think it could be possible.


Can you make a mode to detect the presence of mice and rats? they are small and fast which could be unique enough to parse out.


Alternatively if I could have more control over the motion sensing field, I could set it for where I know people won’t be & crank up the sensitivity.

Thanks for reading.

I’d like to detect mice and rats too.

And the motion zone needs to be customizable than just a square/rectangle. Ring Cams have 8 point motion zone points (that is 3 points on each side), that is almost enough, I would prefer 16 (that 4 on each side).

I used mine the way it is to catch a mouse. Found out after i saw the footage it was a hamster :slight_smile: I blocked the hole using a cd case before i found out what it was.


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wow encino that was much more drama than I expected. Poor guy, I assume he took the bait.


I have the camera set up in my basement right now in night mode with motion set to full screen & full sensitivity.


I tried dragging a can on a string but that didn’t seem to register motion. The string did which was odd, although it was better illuminated.


Does anyone know if the sensitivity is great enough to capture a rat? I don’t even know if I have one right now.

Bait was not taken thank god. I rushed home as soon as i could! It took me about 15 minutes to coax him out with some apples :slight_smile: I only had my sens set to 40% and i had it 5 or so inches off the floor so nothing could be chewed on.

Hey Juice,
Ive got 2 Wyze Cams set up in our attic to detect mice or rats. I had the same question when I bought the first Wyze Cam…ie whether the cam is sensitive enough to detect mice.

At the “Night Mode” sensitivity setting of 100 I am finding that Im getting a whole bunch of false positives from critters much much smaller than mice, such as tiny moths , noseeums, etc. Therefore Ive concluded that Wyze cams are without a doubt sensitive enough to detect mice.

I think the mistake you may be making is that in Night Mode, the camera uses infra red HEAT signature contrast to detect. I suspect that if you heated those cans up, and then moved them even 1/4 inch the camera would catch them right away!!

Or if in DAY mode, with light on, the motion detection would also catch them right away even if cans are at room temperature!

Ive dialed down my Night Mode sensitivity setting to 90 to try and hit that sweet spot where the camera will not pick up moths etc, but will still pick up mice, should they appear. If anyone reading this knows what setting would be appropriate, would be much appreciated!!??

What people are doing is not to have the IR light on because of the bugs but have a extra light off this the side for better IR lighting. Check youtube.