Motion detection issue 2020-01-08

Hi. I’m new here.
I bought a wyze cam to track and learn about a rat issue in my garage/home.

Last night the mouse trap i set up a week ago got one of the bastard.

My problem is yesterday the last time motion was detected around supper is the light that shut off at specific Time… This morning I check and no notification for the night
Then I received notification when the wife left and. Triggered light. The cam picked it up as always.

My problem is that after watching the footage, there’s a dead rat in a trap and it wasn’t their’s yesterday when I went to bed…

Knowing where the bastard came from was crucial for me and now I can’t know. Why?

I jus bought 2 more cam and 3 sd card so all the cam could local record. The card arrived today… Talk about timing!

My question is, is there a. Known issue server side for last night?

I’m not aware of anything being down last night. You could check the motion sensitivity in the settings for the camera. Since you’re trying to capture something small, maybe turning up the sensitivity could help.

It’s set to the high level already

Maybe it’s the position of the cam?

Ah, I see…and it’s a very small area too so it shouldn’t miss any movement. I’m sorry I don’t have another suggestion for you.

Are you looking at “Events” rather than “View Playback”?

If so, search the forum for “5 minute cooldown”. That explains why you’re missing things.

I would put the detection zone JUST on the trap as well.

Sorry for the late answer
Been able to capture 2 rats and been able to catch all of the events with the wyze cam. I’ve added micros card to the cam so I would not miss a thing.

I move the closer one to the area and restricted the detection zone. Works for nicely now.