A Better Mousetrap

I’m testing the use of a Wyze Sense sensor to let me know if a mouse has tripped a trap deep in the bowels of the house.
Then I set-up a notification/announcement on Alexa when it trips.
You could also tie it to trigger a cam. Comments?


Cool idea , I just got some new traps, those little buggers get in somehow in the fall, the cat got one so far.
What surprised me was camera on the ceiling in the basement actually caught a mouse running around down there, they are all going to die before I’m done :rage:

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Heck yea great idea! Here in AZ we have a problem with roof rats that are drawn to citrus trees. They get into houses to steal materials to build their nests. Interested in knowing how it works out. :slightly_smiling_face:

haha, great idea…but I have a mix of glue traps & the old fashion traps…I may have to buy a newer style like you’re using, I have a couple extra sensors

Glue traps are the most inhuman traps ever to have been invented and should be banned.