Hunting for my lost black cat - anyone have a night vision shot of a black cat?

Hey friends. Long time listener, first time poster.

Do any of you have a shot of what a black cat looks like using the IR night vision?

My cat Baxter has left the house and he’s been gone for 8 days. He’s never been gone more than a couple hours. I have some Wyze Pan cams set out near baited areas to see if he will come and have a bite. I’ve had neighbors friendly enough to let me hook the Wyze cam to their wifi networks within about 200ft of my house.

So, Wyze community, I request your help.

I’m curious if Baxter would even register on the cameras at all.

Could any of you be so kind as to send a screenshot of a black cat caught on cam during night?

If I am not mistaken he will appear whitish, you could put on a black shirt and see how it looks when you are on the cam.

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Yes, black cats are hard to see. (Mine actually has white paws.)
My cat sometimes looks directly at the camera as though he sees the IR lights. Then his eyes glow brightly. I hope you get your cat back soon. Sometimes their curiosity gets them in trouble and they find themselves locked up temporarily in someone’s garage or shed.


My cat charging…

Charging complete!


@desertshores - Appreciate your picture. This helps.

I think Wyze may not be the best product for this. I picked up some “trail cams” that take pictures when there’s motion (hunters use them) because I think that the Wyze cams just don’t quite have the night vision needed for something like this. Thanks again for taking the time to post this.

I read from a real-life pet detective (insert Ace Ventura quote) that lost indoor cats are found within 250sq ft radius of their homes. The problem is, within 250 sqft of my condo, I’ve got over 25 backyards. I live in California. My ex-roommate left the door unlatched when I wasn’t here and Baxter pulled it open. :man_facepalming: It’s day 11 now, I hope he’s still out there, just hiding away somewhere. Thanks again.

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while you can likely see it, it may not trigger an alert. Awhile ago, I wanted to see what was taking the old apples I was tossing outside my fence. It turned out to be a Fisher Cat (they are black)! Yikes. Not good. Luckily it came while I was still up. While I saw it on my camera, it did not trigger an alert. Likely not enough contrast. Maybe put a sheet or something light between the camera and baited area.


@LvWiseCamNH That’s what I was thinking - that he may not trigger an alert due to his dark fur. I think if he was on a sidewalk he would, but otherwise, he’s too dark!
A sheet or something light between camera and baited area is a great idea. Appreciate the feedback!

You could set up an additional IR light. That may help.

Apologies for my ignorance - How would that work, exactly? Just purchase any IR light out there? Does it hook up to the Wyze cam somehow?

Another alternative is use a motion sensor light. That’s what I use all around my house. I have 3 types solar, battery, and hardwired motion lights.

I have one of these Mr. Beams battery powered lights and it works great and super bright.

Mr. Beams MB392, 400 Lumen Version, Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered Led

Yup, just plug in an IR light.
No need to connect to the camera.
Doesn’t need to be expensive.
Something like this:

Appreciate the input. But I think a motion sensor light turning on would be enough to make most any cat bolt and hide again.

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I’ve been using my Wyze Pan cams portably - I’ve been hooking them into large rechargeable USB portable batteries (20,000 mAH) then I take them in to charge during the day. A lost indoor cat is more likely to come out at night. I’d have to figure out some sort of portable power solution for that IR light. But thank you for the input, I will be looking into it.

Most of them, including the one I linked to, are 12 volt so it’s not too difficult.
A car jump starter is probably the easiest solution. If you had the light on a motion sensor it would use less battery.
When the cat does walk by he’ll stop just to see what all of this crap is by his house. :smiley:

Maybe this light:

With a motion sensor: