Strange cat behavior?

It seems like it couldn’t make up its mind? Perhaps some animal is hunting it?

Had a no show date ? :laughing:

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That’s a loved plump waddling kitty. Brave going outside during Coyote nighttime. I worry Coyote could move faster.


He’s just walking out there to check things out but he’s smart enough to know better than go out in the road

For sure there’s some waddlin’ goin’ on. It’s like it’s wandering out there, hears or sees something that distracts it, and then does the risk/benefit calculation about whether or not to investigate. “Eh…eff it, man. Ain’t worth my time.”

For some reason, it also makes me think of Patton Oswalt talking about being “‘B word’ fat”.

My indoor cat does this stuff. He might be napping or walking through a room and then hear a noise from outside that gets his attention and causes a pause, and then basically nahhhs outta there and goes back to whatever he was doing before.

I think was was waiting for it’s :raccoon: :raccoon: friends to come by.