Cat antics at the birdbath last night

I thought if I set the spotlight to turn on with movement it would deter the cats at night. No such luck. I have the cam sitting on a short ladder. You can do a faster speed if you want.

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I have a cat parade though my yard every night, Black cat with white socks, Gray cat with stolen black raccoon stripes, black and white cat short fur, black and white cat with long fur and a gray/brown/ black cat. I’ll send them over to you via express. :grin: They have all met Anna Catharina possum and they all just look at her and keep slinking along.

No thanks! With all the csts from both next doors, there are plenty. One neighbor’s cats keep breeding, and many go missing, probably from coyotes that frequent the woods here.
I was wondering how long it would take for them to discover Pepe Lepew. There’s a baby one that lives here and roots around at night. I smelled him for the first time last night.

I hope they run into Little Pepé 's Mom, you might have to close your windows for a while. :rofl:

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Eau de Peu

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Says the guy with experience . :joy:


“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille!” :rofl:

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Oops, I thought you wanted a close-up of Pepe.

I was just quoting from a Gloria Swanson movie Sunset Boulevard as a joke want the cat came in close to the camera.

If you pet it gently it will be your best friend. :skunk:

I dont know if they’re hard of seeing or not, but I’ve walked around the yard, and it didn’t seem to notice me.

Skunks have poor eye sight and can usually only see what is right in front of them is what I have read.

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