Neighbor cat tries to get into the new fenced yard, Opie shows up too

Pepe LePew had gotten into the yard the night before, so I blocked the space betwen fence and house. Pepe doesnt bother me, though.

Front porch cam V3, fenced yard cam PanV3, Driveway cam V3.


Power up the fence. 12 volts will make the cat’s fur stand up. :laughing:

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Yeah, and maybe the birds when they sit on top of it? I’ll bet it would if a cat sprayed it, They seem to do that when they pass by it. I used it for the chickens and never had to electrify it. I never got a battery for it, but I could at any time if I really needed to.

Send the cat on a trip to visit it’s lawyer :two_hearts: @carverofchoice for a year or two. :rofl:


My client has requested I save this statement in case it becomes useful as evidence later.

There is no vacancy at my inn. All feline sleeper cells are encouraged to remain in place until further instructed.


Hmm. Maybe I’ll get into the lawyering business. I learned a lot watching the Chad Daybell muder case this month.

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My father is a lawyer and I worked for his law firm as a legal assistant a couple of different times in the distant past.

I learned there are some states that let you take the bar exam without going to law school, and I once considered going there to do that then transferring back to another state that would accept transfers, but in the end I decided it was overall better for me to stick to business and now doing probono for my feline clientele. :joy_cat:

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Good thinking. I worked for a little while for a friend in Calif., taking his papers to court to file and doing some clerical stuff in his office. He wanted to trane me to be his paralegal but I knew it wasn’t something I could do. The closest I’ve gotten was doing all the paperwork, filing and going to court every month to evict tenants from the mobile home park I managed. Once, I walked in on a case and instead of leaving, I politely sat down in the back row and watched. I learned somwthing that day, too.

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Something this fellow would never do

Phil Morris is the son of Greg Morris from the original Mission:Impossible TV show

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I didn’t know they made a tv show.

TOS was great. Especially since it didn’t have Tom Cruise in it.

What’s TOS? I never cared for Tom Cruise in the past. Only liked him in a recent more movie about him being cloned on future :earth_americas:.

Mission: Impossible (The Original Show)

they got his dna and sperm. Probably we would see a bunch of them in the future :smiling_imp:.

Ohh haha, ok. Hmm, I dont remember that guy. I loved the show, though.

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Greg Morris (Phil Morris’ dad) played IMF agent Barnard “Barney” Collier. I loved that show too. :+1:

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I click on a cat video and read through the posts to see mention of Tom Cruise’s sperm. Definitely didn’t have this on my bingo card for today. :man_facepalming:

I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the “other” guys. I can’t remember their names now. I liked Ilia Kuliakin (I forgot how it’s spelled) and one of the other guys.

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I don’t know who Phil Morris.

Illya Kuryakin is from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I loved that show too. We’re showing our age. :rofl:

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