Bobcat Prowling

This bobcat made a helluva ruckus hunting and hung around my parents’ yard for quite awhile! It was unfazed by cam pan v2 sirens, wyze bulbs off & on a few times, and totally curious about mechanical whirring noises while panning… :smiley_cat:

EDIT-1: Videos I uploaded herein seem to have place-saving frames but not playable. Curious to know if anyone else can actually view them?

EDIT-2: Second upload attempt also seems to have failed. Fiddling a little bit to see what I can see. Videos removed for now.

EDIT-3: Firefox in Android seems to upload videos properly. And here is monsieur (o madamoiselle) bobcat…

EDIT-4: Firefox rendered the videos immediately upon posting, but apparently fooled me that they were generally viewable in-line. Still have to do the following as recommended by @Seapup


Nope, cant play any of them.

did you use the upload button to get the videos here?

Inside your post, select upload.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve always used. Thanks for checking, I’ll try to upload them again.

Still images seem to have uploaded. I’ll keep working on the videos.


I can see them, but only using Firefox or if I right-click save locally and view on PC or Mac. You aren’t doing anything wrong… the Wyze app must be using some non-standard encapsulation or codec when saving an Event as an mp4 file.


I will try uploading from a PC browser and/or some file format conversions.

EDIT-1: Firefox for Android seems to do the job as well.

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Very cool. we have at least one of them and a coyote where I work… way down south east.


Curious indeed!

Is it chill with people? A threat to pets? How do your folks feel about it? The neighborhood in general?

We have dull, overfed squirrels, racoons and possums on this side of town. The other ((now-)deluxe 50s suburbs) side is rife with coyotes they haven’t made peace with. Lots of concrete ‘rivers’ and ‘streams’ for them to transit by.

And… rumor has it…


This makes me feel like that bobcat (or my parents) need an intervention… :rofl:

It was definitely on the chill side with me until I looked it in the eye from my folks’ living room window… That caused him to dart into the hedges. Threat to pets unknown, but probable. My folks love wildlife and were thrilled at their first confirmed (and captured) big cat sighting, altho there had been several previous undocumented ruckuses where big cats have been primary suspects… :thinking: Rural community overall and lots of foxes, wild turkeys, frogs, lizards, rabbits, woodpeckers, owls, & other critters in abundance.


That’s a big kitty.

He wants to know why everything he does is called prowling, maybe he was just enjoying the scenery and enjoying a nice innocent walk, or rest like this innocent looking guy:

So cool to have so much wildlife live nearby. In 3-4 years I want to get a house at the foot of our mountains.


I think the loitering & stalking are the distinguishing characteristics to be considered “prowling” in this instance… :smile_cat:


I guess he did act a little guilty when he noticed you busted him and he ran away like a caught criminal…


Also the ruckus & hissing were dead giveaways of more serious violations… they know when they’re busted!


Prowl cars??


Just sayin’… :smile:


I mean, there was the boutique vehicle by now-defunct Plymouth… :man_shrugging:

EDIT-1: Two things not right about this: 1) the lion looks like he’s been snorting a Colombian export, and 2) I think he needs a larger-sized vehicle, possibly a 3-wheel motorcycle, SUV, pickup, or convertible like the Prowler above… :thinking:


Each to his own ‘nip’ I guess… :slight_smile:

Conceded. The Plymouth and white muzzled hepcat. :+1:

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I think the real elephant in the living room is whether or not he had the connections to get out of what appears to be a bona-fide DUI situation… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hunter Biden in a catsuit. So… yes?

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I could envision a scenario like this… malfeasance witnessed but authorities bought-off or looked the other way:


Until now.

Durham is coming… :shushing_face:

EDIT-1: Upon further reflection, that blended pattern elephant speaks to the level of corruption now being exposed all over the place. Accepted or hidden over decades, with large-scale rejection now building.

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I LIKE this further reflection of which you speak…

This was all quite apolitical until @carverofchoice showed up. :thinking:

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