Neighbor cat tries to get into the new fenced yard, Opie shows up too

He’s the dude @TomG mentioned earlier :point_up:. In that photo, he’s playing Jackie Chiles, well-known for being Cosmo Kramer’s attorney on Seinfeld.

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Ohh that’s right, haha. What was the lighter hair- colored guy’s name. I liked him the best. I remember a show where he had some lenses put in his eyes to make him blind so people would believe he was the real guy he was pretending to be with his disguise. He had to open a puzzle box that only that rela blind guy would know. Funny the things we can remember.

I saw that pic and didnt recognize him. Didn’t remember seeing him in the original Mission Impossible.

Meant to also say that I never watched Seinfeld.

That’s because he wasn’t in it; his dad was:

I didn’t become a fan until it had been on for a while, and I think elements of that show are even funnier because of the lens that Curb Your Enthusiasm provides.

Ohh haha, I got it backwards then.

As someone who never got into Dr. Who, I respect your viewpoint.


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Well, over the years, There were times when I didnt watch tv for a few yrs at a time, depending on where we lived.

Young friend for Opie:


Aww, cute.

I haven’t turned any of our TVs on in months. We got rid of cable TV a few years ago and signed up for Netflix and hbo max. Got rid of those a year ago.

I known what you mean. Growing up (dad in military) we traveled overseas a few times and had limited :tv: shows. While being married (also military), we traveled overseas as well; Spain no tv, GTMO no tv at first, then 1 or 2 channels with old shows and news. It was funny, one day I heard my oldest daughter (around 8) laughing and laughing. I went downstairs to find her watching Mr. Ed.
I quit tv years ago and if I want to watch something I use the computer.

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Same here, especially while in Eastern Bloc countries. Everything was 5-10 years behind, even on radio. We just watched shows and movies on base or at the embassy and VOA for radio.

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I didn’t mind, though. Was busy raising kids anyway. We did other things. Mostly fishing and going to :parasol_on_ground:. I have a hug collections of shells from Cuba that with some I was making jewelry with.

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