Arrest caught on camera

Some transient parked their junky car in the fire lane of a traffic circle at my condo complex for a couple hours, doing drugs, sleeping, waking up, asking locals if they could spare a cigarette, etc. When the cops were called, the guy claimed to be waiting for his mother to arrive home. What a liar. The car was stolen and full of drugs. A second officer arrived shortly after the video ended and the punk was arrested.


What code did you enter in your post that allows the video to be hosted on YouTube but shown inline within your post (i.e., it didn’t open the YouTube page)?

LoL I don’t remember how I did that. I may have first gone to YouTube, clicked on share, clicked on Embed, and copied the HTML code for embedding a video, and pasted that code in the box that was offered for entering a video.

Testing: above I posted a link to a video after going to YouTube and selecting Share and Copy Link. so let’s see what happens after I post this message. the above video shows my cat running down the stairs with a plastic bag stuck on his head and running around the living room going into the kitchen and then racing back upstairs. Plastic bags are usually securely stowed away but he got his head in one that was going to be brought downstairs.

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Boy he was movin out wasn’t he , I have had that happen before ,it’s kind of funny but you don’t want them to get hurt running around crazy

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That cat was hitten 90 was it not? :laughing: Poor cat scared out of its wits.

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That poor little cat had a feeding tube installed in his neck, an esophagostomy tube, through which we could administer medications, supplements, and additional food. After 12 months of tube feeding him 3 times a day, his blood tests were still not improving, and he likely had a tumor, so in the end we recently had to have him euthanized. Wyze cameras directed at the litter boxes and food dishes were invaluable to track his daily input and output. Gizmo was an absolute delight, sad we had to put him down at age 7. came to our home and transitioned Gizmo to his next life. Dr Klobuchar is great. Her cousin Amy is running for President.

I’m really sorry to hear Gizmo passed , I love cats , I have had them all my life , I know how you feel.
My little buddy Joco is 10 doing great .

Wyze cameras were invaluable keeping an eye on the momma cat and kittens my daughter was fostering , mama had problems giving birth and she had a weird disease where she was not clotting properly,. so I had to go help out also because for awhile mama could not even feed the babies.
Not only did we have to feed them we had to stimulate them to poop and pee
After C section and all that , they all made it and all kittens and momma were adapted to good homes , except one my daughter kept Shady boy